Novokuznetsk policeman put on probation and dismissed for beating 19-year-old

Novokuznetsk policeman put on probation and dismissed for beating 19-year-old

In the Kemerovo region a 29-year-old district police officer has been fired and put on probation for beating a young man.

In Novokuznetsk the court has convicted the former district special agent. The 29-year-old former police officer has been found guilty of Exceeding Official Powers committed with the use of violence (item (a), part 3 of Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code).

During the investigation and subsequent trial, it was established that the policeman had called in the 19-year-old young man and his friend for questioning to the department, as he had been involved in proceedings of a family conflict of one of their friends.

After they left, the district police officer discovered his gloves were missing, and thought that it had been the young people who had stolen them. He forced them to return to the police station under false pretenses; he trapped one of the man into his office and hit him twice, while the second person went looking for gloves. After realizing he could not get anything out of them, he let them go.

The beaten up young man recorded his injuries and filed a statement to the police against the district police officer; trying to evade responsibility, the latter started claiming the victim itself attacked him, forcing him to defend. However, the district officer's words were not confirmed during the preliminary investigation. As for the missing gloves – they were found. As it turned out, the policeman's colleague had mistakenly taken them.

The police officer has not pleaded guilty either during the investigation, or in the court. However, it has not stopped the court from convicting him and bringing in the verdict of guilty. As a result, the district police officer has been dismissed from the police and sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment with a 3-year probation period. In addition, he is forbidden to hold positions in the civil service for 2 years.



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