Novgorod thriller or how the richest clan of Nisanovs family can fall after Gilina left 

Novgorod thriller or how the richest clan of Nisanovs family can fall after Gilina left
The Edinaya Rossiya party member is incriminated grave offenses Photo: The CrimeRussia

The odious change of “General's wife” revealed many facts of frank concealment of criminal offenses and indulgence in refusal of prosecution of the most influential and rich clan of the Novgorod Region − Nisanovs family, learned the CrimeRussia’s source, who was in the thick of action.⁠

In December, 2016, the staff of the Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Novgorod Region wrote the direct address to Aleksander Bastrykin in which he openly accused the deputy head Ekaterina Gilina of abuse of official powers, coercion to corruption, initiation of “contracted” criminal cases and requisitions from subordinates. In response to it, check from Moscow arrived to investigation department, after which the high management decided destiny of “general's wife” in a very unexpected way – she was raised, transferring Aleksander Claus to a position of deputy head of the Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in St. Petersburg. Stanislav Belyansky, who was earlier heading department of procedural control of the Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug got Gilina's place.

Екатерина Гилина

Ekaterina Gilina

Odious change of Gilina revealed many facts of frank concealment of criminal offenses and indulgence in refusal of prosecution of the most influential and rich clan of the Novgorod Region − Nisanovs family, learned the CrimeRussia’s source, who was in the thick of action.

First time the surname of Nisanovs appeared in a high-profile case upon detection in 2012 by the Novgorod police officers of hangars with laboratories for conversion of hemp in Gore and Chechulino's villages near Novgorod. Both entities were in property of the largest meat-processing entity of the region of LLC Novgorodsky Bekon, CEO of which is Deputy of the Novgorod region duma Roman Nisanov. About 50 people worked at the underground entity, all are citizens of Uzbekistan. Initially in Gore's village it was revealed, in addition to laboratory, 1,5 thousand bushes of cannabis. After this find police officers began to look for other similar entities and the next one was hangar in the village of Chechulino where the laboratory and a plantation were managed to be destroyed, but on a remaining balance of burning it was established, that hemp production was arranged here.

According to the source of the CrimeRussia, Roman Nisanov in order to avoid responsibility, being protected by now former head of the ICR in the Novgorod Region Ekaterina Gilina and other staff of power bodies urgently made backdating lease contracts on rooms with a certain citizen Marabyan who as a result in 2014 received a penalty in the amount of 800 thousand rubles and the term of 8 years of the real imprisonment. Thereby, Roman Nisanov avoided responsibility, becoming only witness in the case. According to sources, citizen Marabyan earned reward in the amount of 10 million rubles for “service”.

Леонид Дорошев

Leonid Doroshev

At the moment, head of ICR on the Novgorod Region Stanislav Belyansky passed the decision on renewal of investigation verification on earlier arrived statements from the former deputy of the Novgorod Duma Leonid Doroshev and the famous athlete Vladimir Topor where they directly specify a possible participle of Roman Nisanov to the organization of measures of power impact on the former deputy Leonid Doroshev, and concerning Vladimir Topor − measures of physical elimination. Earlier, on September 4, 2016, according to Doroshev's statement the major of justice and the investigating officer of Investigative Directorate of ICR on the Novgorod Region Denis Elkin refused to initiate legal proceedings concerning Nisanov.

The statements arrived to the ID ICR in the Novgorod Region at the same time with publication of audio recordings on which the voice identified later by examination as belonging to the deputy of the Edinaya Rossiya (United Russia) party Nisanov, discusses options of pressure upon the objectionable deputy with the contractor. Record where the contractor tells about how many shots and in which parts of the body were made in the athlete Vladimir Topor is also published. As a result it became known that at the moment the investigation has a 11-hour audio recording made for the long period where the voice identical to Roman Nisanov's voice discusses options of punishments over other persons, up to waiters who badly served him. On record there is a conversation where Nisanov asks to organize rape of the girl who did not smile to him.

Владимир Топор

Vladimir Topor

The story of the records’ emergence is interesting. They were distributed by former head of the security service of LLC Splav Pavel Boytsov, who in 2013 began to cooperate with Deputy of the Edinaya Rossiya party, CEO of LLC Novgorodsky Bekon Roman Nisanov. As the former employee of OBEP, Boytsov preferred to record all discussed instructions on a dictophone, and after the conflict with Nisanov, using the recorded compromising evidence, demanded from him 50 million rubles.

Frightened Nissanov turned for protection to the Head of Regional Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Veliky Novgorod, police Colonel Sergey Maximov. After this meeting documents, in which the whole operation in which Nisanov allegedly was a participant of operational actions for taking of gang of extortioners led by Pavel Boytsov is recorded, appeared. Under the pretext of transfer of a part of money in the amount of 1 million 10 thousand rubles, Pavel Boytsov was caught in flagrante delicto and he became the person involved in criminal case on extortion on especially large scale. However, record themselves, at that time disappeared, and the true reason of extortion has been hidden.

Радик Шейхулин

The Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation across Novgorod were sure that all proofs disappeared, however Pavel Boytsov made secure and made backup copies which he gave by parts later to all whose surnames sounded in records as the victims. Thereby he tried to start a new combination of leaving from responsibility and attempt to agree with Roman Nisanov.

In the summer of 2016, still acting Deputy of the Novgorod Region Duma Leonid Doroshev received a part of record where the possibility of his kidnapping was discussed. Doroshev is known in the region as the fighter against corruption, who in particular exposed illegal subsidizing of business of Roman Nisanov from the governor Sergey of Mitino and also one of the first who openly accused Nisanov of marijuana cultivation.

However, according to a source of the CrimeRussia, Roman Nisanov is only a ‘swaggerer’ son of the father Gennady Nisanov, the true owner of all family assets and the close friend of the governor of the Novgorod region. According to the source, the father of the ‘swaggerer’ has nothing to do with his tricks - with intimidation objectionable.

Deputy Doroshev, having heard his name on an audio recording, at once addressed Ekaterina Gilina (at that time − the Acting Head of the ICR in the Novgorod Region) with the requirement to initiate criminal case as only this body can make investigation concerning deputies.

Along with it, local media published several materials related to this subject.

However, according to the source, Ekaterina Gilina, having promised to deal with an issue, hurried to settle at first this case with Nisanov as earlier more than once it was noticed in certain business relations with his father. Moreover, according to some information, she even tried to destroy the available proofs of a crime.

There is information that when the governor learned about the compromising evidence which is available on the son of his friend and the main sponsor of his election campaigns, in a private office of Mitino Gennady Nisanov flogged the son with a belt and guaranteed that nothing similar will happen again. Scandal was quickly hushed up, media “were blown off” too, however already published materials were not removed from resources.

Nisanovs clan did not suspect that it was only the beginning.

As it was stated above, on that record, in addition, elimination of the athlete, famous in the city, the numerous champion of Russia on martial arts Vladimir Topor was discussed. According to a source, before receiving this audio recording Vladimir Topor did not even suspect that he has such rich enemy. Earlier, attempts upon his life happened twice near sports club. The first attempt happened on October 10, 2014. Then the killer tried to shoot Topor at the head when he was getting into his car Toyota RAV-4, but thanks to reaction of the athlete, he missed. Topor by miracle managed to evade, and the mercenary ran away. The second attempt happened on April 6, 2015. Two unknown in masks, having arrived on a microbus Mercedes Vito, de eight shots on the Jaguar car in a thrust block, having put to the athlete the hardest wounds. However he survived and began to look for the customer, being perplexed who was so angry with him.

The shot Vladimir Topor's Jaguar The shot Vladimir Topor's Jaguar The shot Vladimir Topor's JaguarThe shot Vladimir Topor's Jaguar
Подпись к фото Photo: the CrimeRussia
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Having caught a piece of that audio recording, Topor understood who does not like him so much and began to make own investigation.

As it appeared, in 2011 when he with the company was having fun in one of city institutions, a certain citizen asked him to leave restaurant, having threatened with protection. At the same time this unknown at that time guest of an institution became in a rack, but received the worthy answer − Vladimir Topor as we already wrote, the numerous champion of Russia on martial arts. Then he was told that he “hooked” on the famous and rich businessman and the posh Roman Nisanov. However the fighter did not pay attention to it. And only after receiving the record, he understood who ‘ordered’ him.

Continuing searches of the additional information, Topor received indirect confirmation to the fact that all actions for its elimination were organized by former head of the security service of LLC Splav and Roman Nisanov's helper, Pavel Boytsov.

Vladimir Topor obtained the evidence that Pavel Boytsov, Radik Sheykhulin's helper was a contractor of the first attempt at his life. He was identified by witnesses on an identikit. According to the available information, Boytsov received 700 thousand rubles for the organization of cancelled murder. However, when Nissans learned that Topor did not suffer, he quarreled with Boytsov and was left without mercenaries.

According to sources, Roman Nisanov blabbed out to the deputy D. B. Bolshakov that he wanted to revenge Boytsov. Bolshakov, in turn, transferred this information to Boytsov and both of them created a plan of a performance of kidnapping of Boytsov by “unreal” staff of the Administration of the Federal Security Service of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. The operation was performed by accomplice of Boytsov, Radik Sheykhulin, conducting earlier the order for Vladimir Topor. According to the source, stealing was intentionally carried out in the face of Bolshakov. Sheykhulin introduced himself to Bolshakov as major of Administration of FSB Naumov and left the contacts, thereby having gained the confidence of Roman Nisanov. The second order for Topor was taken already by the pseudo-major of FSB Naumov (Sheihuling).

At the same time Nisanov did not suspect that Sheihuling is Pavel Boytsov's colleague and fixes all talk according to his order.

At the beginning of 2016 Pavel Boytsov started the scheme of a racketing of 50 million from Roman Nisanov therefore he appeared under criminal prosecution. At the moment he thanks to the posted bail is at large.

His accomplice − Radik Sheykhulin − ran away and is wanted. He can not return since he can be arrested on again elicited facts of attempted homicide concerning Vladimir Topor. The destiny of the Novgorod deputy and magnate Roman Nisanov is unenviable. According to the CrimeRussia, right after Ekaterina Gilina's leaving from a post the businessman began to prepare for receipt of the Israeli citizenship sharply. Most likely, by means of the governor and the lured staff of law enforcement agencies of the region he will be allowed to leave the country. For now the investigation of all old and again elicited facts of criminal activities of the deputy from a batch Edinaya Rossiya Roman Nisanov only gains steam.




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