Novaya Gazeta staff finds sheep's head at Moscow office 

Novaya Gazeta staff finds sheep's head at Moscow office

The note called the journalist Denis Korotkov "a traitor".

A funeral wreath and a sheep's head were brought to the Novaya Gazeta office in Moscow, a source familiar with the situation told Rosbalt. There was a note that called Denis Korotkov, a journalist, "a traitor".

Photos of the ‘gifts’ have been circulating since yesterday.

Denis Korotkov is known for a series of investigations into the activities of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin; he wrote on Wagner PMC and companies related to the businessman.

The journalist has been bullied in the Internet lately; there are insulting posts both on open platforms and in the media. Yesterday, a Prigozhin-affiliated RIA FAN published an article titled “A Journalist Who Does Not Write: Why Traitor Denis Korotkov Wrote Nothing At New Job”

Илья Пензенский

Ilya Pensinsky: A funeral wreath as a thank-you gift to Novaya Gazeta for leaking personal info of Russian soldiers 

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