Novaya Gazeta receives envelope containing white powder with Grozny written on it

Novaya Gazeta receives envelope containing white powder with Grozny written on it
Photo: Vlad Dokshin/ Novaya Gazeta

Police officers conducted an on-site express analysis of the powder, which did not indicate the presence of hazardous substances.

The editors of Novaya Gazeta in Moscow received an envelope with white powder and inscription that said “Grozny” on the envelope, the newspaper website reported.

As it was said in the message, the envelope came to the editorial board and was addressed to newspaper's CEO Sergey Kozheurov. The paper also published a photo of the envelope. In the ‘from’ section it has the word Grozny written by hand in block letters, and 66666 in the section for the sender's index. In the ‘where’ section it has Moscow, Novaya Gazeta. It said that the envelope must be given to CEO S. Kozheurov. The recipient's index 101990 is also indicated on the envelope. The index is the one specified on the newspaper's website.

The paper said that the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police were working at the editorial office. The press officer of the Emergencies Ministry in Moscow commented on the envelope with white powder at Novaya Gazeta editorial office saying to RBC: "The police officers were working. We were there for an emergency situation – God forbid something terrible happens." He added that all the questions should be addressed to the MIA. However, the capital's police chief could not provide RBC with information about what had happened.

As newspaper press secretary Nadezhda Prusenkova told Interfax, police officers conducted an express-analysis of the powder on the spot, which did not show any hazardous substance. She stressed that the police left the editorial office and took the envelope with them. Prusenkova said that an examination of the contents of the envelope will be carried out.

On April 1, Novaya Gazeta published an investigation about mass detentions of people of non-traditional sexual orientation in Chechnya. In the article, the newspaper claimed that 100 suspected homosexuals were detained in the republic, and three of them were killed. The spokesman for the Head of Chechnya, Alvi Karimov, said that "one cannot detain and oppress someone who simply is not there in the republic." Then, Novaya Gazeta wrote that members of the homosexual community are kept in secret prisons and are tortured there.



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