"Not point-blank!" - video of Nemtsov's murderers interrogations 

"Not point-blank!" - video of Nemtsov's murderers interrogations
Zaur Dadaev

At the first interrogation, alleged killer of politician Zaur Dadaev gave confessions, which he subsequently refused.⁠

Kommersant published a video of the Zaur Dadaev’s interrogation, accused of the Boris Nemtsov's murder. The publication writes that this was the first interrogation of former deputy commander of the Chechen battalion Sever (North) Dadaev in the Investigative Committee, during which he confessed to committing a crime. Later, he refused them.

In the video Dadaev says that he is the one, who shot at Nemtsov. From his words it follows that the decision to kill Nemtsov was made due to the fact that he "supported" the caricatures of Charlie Hebdo on the Prophet Muhammad and "wanted it to be published on the territory of the Russian Federation". Dadaev denies that someone ordered the murder and that the motive for the crime was money.

"I committed this crime because of Prophet Mohammed: I defended His honor, I did not want to meet with all these insults. And I did not want to see some kind of discord on the territory of the Russian Federation, a misunderstanding due to some kind of person," the suspected killer told at the interrogation.

In particular, Dadaev said that the surveillance of Nemtsov began after the terrorist attack in the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo, that is, in January 2015. And according to the prosecution, preparations for the murder began a few months before, that is, back in 2014.

Zaur Dadaev, during interrogation with the investigator, noted that on the day of the murder of Nemtsov, on February 27, he and his friends followed the politician.

"I had already saw him when there was about 20-30 meters between us. I started to overtake him with a quick step, until he again went off the crowd, - the suspect said. - Not point-blank, five meters left, up to five, just by chance a pickup truck passed by. I shot when it overgot us. Six shots in total."

Video: the interrogation of Zaur Dadaev

Novaya Gazeta also published a footage of another defendant's interrogation, Anzor Gubashev. He also said that the motive for the murder were Nemtsov's statements against the Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad. He also explained that only he, Zaur Dadaev and Beslan Shavanov were involved in the crime.

It is worth noting that on the eve, on April 18, at the court hearing on the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the alleged killer stated that he did not kill the politician. According to Dadaev, he did not know the politician, confused him with Boris Berezovsky, and on the day of the murder did not leave the apartment because of illness. He explained his confession by saying that he decided to take the blame on himself so that "the court justify others."

Video: the interrogation of Anzor Gubashev



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