Along with rounds, knives found at accident spot in Moscow City Oko tower

Along with rounds, knives found at accident spot in Moscow City Oko tower
Officer of law enforcement at the entrance to the Oko tower Photo: Maxim Grigoryev / TASS

According to updated information, 15 cartridge cases and 8 bullets were found at the site of the shooting in Moscow City business complex.⁠

At the site of the shooting, which occurred on November 17 in the Oko tower of the Moscow City complex, the investigators found cold arms, which were used in the conflict. Grigory A., who was stabbed in the abdominal region, was hospitalized at the Vorokhobin hospital.

In addition, the source of RBC in the Moscow police said that only in the restaurant Crystall Ball Room 15 shots were made. Earlier it was reported that 27 shells from 9 and 12mm bullets had been found on the site. According to the updated data, 15 pistol cartridge cases and 8 bullets were seized.

With gunshot wounds Alexey I. was taken to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute, Kirill T. – to the Botkin hospital. Also, an employee of the Okhrana (Security) of National Guard, Dmitry I., was taken to the Botkin hospital too. Platon K. was also hospitalized with a gunshot wound in the leg to Vorokhobin hospital; he later refused hospitalization.

Recall that during the conflict in the Oko tower, which ended in a gunfight, a wounded employee of Okhrana Federal State Unitary Enterprise lost his service weapon.

In the restaurant Crystall Ball Room the birthday of one of the leaders of Izmailovskaya gang Dmitry Pavlov (Pavlik) was celebrated. The source of The CrimeRussia previously reported that among the guests there were two well-known Slavic thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Oleg Ramensky, Shishkan) and Sergey Aksenov (Aksen), as well as leader of the Podolskaya OCG Sergey Lalakin (Luchok) and as well as Forbes-listed billionaire Gavriil Yushvaev, known in criminal circles as Garik Makhachkala. It was his guards who instigated the conflict.

It was reported that the National Guard officers guarded the birthday person, but later the representative of Rosgvardiya Okhrana FSUE Valery Gribakin categorically denied such a possibility. He said that the Rosgvardiya officers were guarding the cargo of Intourist-Holding Company JSC and and accidentally found themselves in the parking lot during the conflict. Alexander Khinshtein also denied the protection of Dmitry Pavlov by the Russian guards. Meanwhile, RBC's sources in law enforcement agencies claim that although Rosgvardiya's employees were hired that evening by Intourist-Holding Company to "guard the car with cargo," later the chief of the special squadron received a call from the company and was informed that on the evening of November 17 guarding of the representative of the customer company, Dmitry Pavlov, was scheduled in the territory of Moscow City.



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