North Ossetia: suspect in execution of 3 people 5 years ago arrested

North Ossetia: suspect in execution of 3 people 5 years ago arrested

In January 2014, two residents of the city of Digora shot three visitors of a local cafe with automatic weapons, two of whom died on the spot. One of the attackers was detained immediately and is currently serving a 17-year term. His accomplice has been hiding for more than 5 years.

Law enforcement agencies of North Ossetia on February 5 detained in Vladikavkaz a 34-year-old resident of the city of Digora, accused of double murder, attempted murder and illegal circulation of weapons.

The operation involved the operatives and special forces soldiers Grom (Thunder). The suspect was detained in his mother's house, a TT pistol with cartridges was seized from him. 

According to investigators, in January 2014, together with an accomplice, the detainee shot three visitors in the cafe Dymok in Digora. Two of them died on the spot, and the third was hospitalized with gunshot wounds in a hospital, where he received medical assistance. One of the attackers managed to escape, he was wanted for 5 years until he was detained. His accomplice was detained immediately and later sentenced by the court to 17 years of special treatment.

As reported today in the office of the ICR of North Ossetia, at the request of the investigating authorities, the court chose a second suspect measure of restraint in the form of detention.



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