North Ossetia resident accuses policeman of beating him for refusing to let his car pass 

North Ossetia resident accuses policeman of beating him for refusing to let his car pass
Mukhamed Uligov Photo: Social networks

Rostislav Melnichenko has filed a complaint against an MIA officer.

21-year-old resident of North Ossetia's Mozdok, Rostislav Melnichenko has filed a complaint with the Investigative Committee, claiming that an officer of the local MIA department had broken his jaw. Mediazona has talked to the victim.

According to Melnichenko, the incident occurred not long ago. Around midnight, he was returning home with his friends; they all were a little drunk, Melnichenko admits. A driver of the car that was following them signaled asking to let him pass, to which Rostislav replied that the courtyards of residential buildings were considered a pedestrian zone, therefore, priority in the movement was given to pedestrians. After that, the driver moved from words to deeds and hit the guy in the jaw twice, shouting “I’m an officer!” 

Melnichenko claims that district police officer Shamil Abdulaev witnessed the conflict, but did not intervene. As a result, Melnichenko was diagnosed with a fracture of the angle of the left mandibular and ununited fracture of the lower jaw body to the right. The young man is currently in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Republican Clinical Hospital of Vladikavkaz. 

“I believe that a police officer has committed a crime against me. The fact that he is a law enforcement officer does not allow him to get rough and beat citizens with impunity because there was someone in his way,” the publication cites Melnichenko's complaint with the ICR. 

According to Melnichenko's sister, the morning after the conflict, a district policeman visited their apartment when her brother was sleeping. The police officer asked whether the young man would file a statement, but then he left, leaving his phone number, as the girl decided not to wake up her brother.

Rostislav Melnichenko

Rostislav Melnichenko

Rostislav’s family claims that they have found the offender’s profile on VKontakte and Instagram, which indicates that Mukhamed Uligov graduated from the Mechanics and Technology College, specialization “law enforcement.”

There are two pictures posted in 2016 on his Instagram. They show a young man wearing a military uniform with a chevron, which depicts a deer – a symbol of the Volga regional command of the Interior Ministry troops, journalists note. Uligov has refused to talk to the press.



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