North Ossetia Mayor's Office Head found dead

North Ossetia Mayor's Office Head found dead
Vladimir Kesaev

Vladimir Kesaev's body was found in his apartment after the official did not reported for work.

The Head of the local government Administration of Mozdok region in North Ossetia Vladimir Kesaev was found dead in his apartment on July 29, 2016. The reason for Kesaeva searches was that the day before he had not come to work. it is reported by Interfax-Yug, citing a source in law enforcement.

It is noted that on Kesaev's body it was not found signs of a struggle, injuries and violent death.

The Head of the Mozdok district, the Chairman of the Representatives' Assembly, Larisa Selivanova confirmed the information about the death of Vladimir Kesaev. At the moment, the cause of the incident has not been established.

The law enforcement source reported to the agency Interfax-Yug that 56-year-old Vladimir Kesaev could die of a heart attack. "According to preliminary estimates of experts, the cause of death could be a blood clot in the heart" - the source said.

Recall that in the position of Acting Head of the Mayor's Office Vladimir Kesaev worked just over a month. June 14 Vladimir Ruban, who was voted non-confidence by members of the Mozdok district Assembly of Representatives in April 2016, introduced Kesaev as his first Deputy, soon Kesaev replaced Rubaev at the office of the Mozdok district Head. Prior to that, Vladimir Kesaev almost 30 years worked as an officer of the regional  Ministry of Internal Affairs. From December 2000 to January 2011 he headed the Department of Internal Affairs on the Mozdok district. Then he was appointed Chief of the Security Control Center of persons, who subject to state protection of Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Ossetia-Alania. From January 2013 he led the training center of the Ministry of Interior in Republic North Ossetia-Alania.

Deceased left his wife and two daughters.



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