North Ossetia: deputy drags school teacher by hair over two floors  

North Ossetia: deputy drags school teacher by hair over two floors
MP from “Patriots of Russia” Vasily Gogichashvili

The niece of the city council member was suspected of stealing $ 1.

At secondary school No. 4 in Ardon, North Ossetia, the City Assembly deputy Vasily Gogichashvili, 28, assaulted a teacher in front of the children and dragged her by the hair to the headmaster’s office, where he tried to stab her with a penknife and hit with a plastic bottle, the Kavkaz.Realii reports. The deputy was enraged by the complaint of his fifth-grader niece, whom the teachers suspected of stealing 70 rubles ($ 1) from a girl studying in a parallel class.

“Such a person must not be in the district representative assembly. At the next meeting, I will raise the question of Gogichashvili‘s continued presence in the representative body,” the head of the municipality, Vladislav Totrov, said.

The incident is stated in the complaint of the students’ parents and the teacher’s reports. On March 5, they discovered that the schoolgirl lost her money, and the next day Gogichashvili burst into the institution and assaulted the teacher with foul language. At the same time, according to eyewitnesses, he shouted that he wouldn’t be punished for that, as he is a deputy.

In her report, the teacher named Sozieva asserts that last year Gogichashvili used force against her colleague by the name of Khapsaev.

“My principled ground on all pressing issues did not give rest to the leadership of the Ardon District. As a result, open criticism led to serious persecution. The assault of the teacher did not take place. There was an unjustified accusation of stealing the money of my 12-year-old niece, a disabled person,” Gogichashvili said in a video message, where he expressed his willingness to put down the mandate.

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