North Moscow: three killers fired point-blank at businessman

North Moscow: three killers fired point-blank at businessman
Place of murder Photo: AGN Moskva

Igor Meckler was shot 49 times; seven bullets found the businessman’s body.

It became known details of the loud murder of the businessman Igor Meckler committed on the eve in the north of Moscow near the business center at the 1st Magistralny impasse.

Interfax’s sources in the police report that three killer came to kill the businessman. At the site of the murder 49 shells were found. Investigators determined that killers shot 20 times at the Meckler’s vehicle door. Seven bullets found the body of 50-year-old businessman.

The representative of the Moscow ICR Main Investigative Department Julia Ivanova reported that investigators believe the main motive is Meckler’s debts. As it became known, this year the Arbitration Court recognized the businessman, who was a co-founder of several commercial firms, as a bankrupt. According to Life, Meckler owed to Sberbank, Fondservicebank, BKF Bank and other creditors more than 1.5 billion rubles. The entrepreneur led the BI Logistics dealing with the storage of nuclear materials and radioactive substances, the company Mostorg + estimating the property and Decco +, a seller of decorative elements and everyday objects. Problems in the last organization caused Meckler’s bankruptcy.

However, the investigation has information that the victim himself was a creditor in the heyday of his business. Perhaps, the entrepreneur was ordered after he began to demand (including through the court) to return the debt to settle with the banks.

Investigators are studying the personality and relations of his debtors and creditors to determine the motives and the organizers of the crime.



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