Russian Tver massacre death toll rises to 9  

Russian Tver massacre death toll rises to 9

After being offended by his interlocutors, 45-year-old Moscow resident shot both his offenders and the witnesses.

On the night of June 4, 45-year-old resident of Moscow Sergey Egorov committed a mass murder in the fruit-growing association '50 let Oktyabrya' in the Redkino village, Konakovo district. Initially it was reported of eight victims (six men and two women), but later the body of another woman with gunshot wounds was found in the trunk of a car.

The total number of participants in the night incident, which took place in the garden cottage rented by a company from Moscow for the weekend, is 11. Official Spokesman for the MIA department in the Tver region Vadim Levshin reported that one woman did manage to escape, hiding under the blanket; the killer did not notice her.

As reported by Official Spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee Svetlana Petrenko, the domestiс conflict occurred during a feast.

"Under preliminary information, there was a falling-out between the neighbor-electrician, who was invited for assistance, and the hosts. He brought a rifle and shot the people," a law enforcer said.

The Mash community reports that the killer lost his temper after there was a dispute about serving in the army between the attendees. Ostensibly, the dispute participants were speaking in favor of the army, saying "No military service makes you less of a man." After that, he ran for a gun, returned with a 12-caliber hunting carbine Saiga 12, and committed the massacre, shooting both his offenders and the witnesses.

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Crime scene

According to Mash, after murdering everyone he could find, Egorov began collecting all the bodies in a heap with no obvious reason. The police who arrived on the scene grabbed him when he was dragging the last corpse down the corridor.


The press service of the regional MIA administration told TASS that the suspect is a resident of Moscow. He has no criminal record; he had only been prosecuted for traffic rules violation. The carbine, with which the massacre was committed, was registered in his name.

Investigative actions are currently being conducted with the detainee.



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