No budget funding for New Year – 2: Pre-Holiday embezzlement 

No budget funding for New Year – 2: Pre-Holiday embezzlement
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Civil servants of all kinds from all over the Russian Federation…embezzle the budget every year before the New Year. The bulk of the work has already been done. What did all the people who had promised to tighten their belts spend budget on?

Average Russian citizens have only started to get into the pre-holiday turmoil, while Russian public servants are already done with it. Gifts and corporate parties are already ordered; cities and towns are being decorated; fireworks have been prepared. It is the time to estimate how much budgetary money was spent on the upcoming New Year celebration and who will really benefit from all these expenditures.

Lucky tickets

It is worth mentioning that there is little joy in “holiday” shopping. For example, audiences and organizers are not the only ones being happy with a variety of New Year plays; second-hand dealers are just as happy as they are. However, they are not just your regular resellers offering you a ‘spare ticket’. This simple business grows out of proportion sometimes, especially in the Russian capital. The Dilyaver Holding is the best such example. The Teatralnie Kassi Dilyaver Company is one of the holding’s subsidiaries. It became the permanent supplier of tickets for child plays for the Administration of the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Moscow Administrative Districts. It made 2 agreements concerned with preparation for the New Year Celebration with the companies. The contracts are worth 14 million rubles.

платежное поручение

Document: the bank transfer order on the sum 11 827 200 rubles from Federal Treasury Department of Moscow to LLC Teatralnie Kassi Dilyaver Company from 28.10.2016

The first contract is worth 11.9 million rubles. It provides for supply of tickets for several Moscow plays, including ones to be held in the Sodruzhestvo Akterov Taganki and Russkaya Pesnya Theaters. An agreement between Dilyaver and the latter theater is one of the reasons. However, other Districts do not seem to be fond of second-hand dealers, for they buy tickets directly from theatres. For example, the Administration of the Northern Administrative Moscow District bought tickets for several New Year Eve plays directly from Russkaya Pesnya. Other Districts act similarly.

платежное поручение

Document: the bank transfer order on the sum 4 991 780 rubles from Federal Treasury Department of Moscow to LLC Teatralnie Kassi Dilyaver Company from 9.09.2016

At the same time, public servants and Dilyaver are on a roll. Teatralnie Kassi Dilyaver will sell tickets for the Novogodnie Priklyucheniya Barboskinikh play in the Moscow House of Music for the total of almost 5 million rubles to the Administration of the 2 Districts. The Dilyaver Company LLC is the organizer of the play. Both the company and the tickets distributors have the same owner – Ablyamitov Dilyaver Reshatovich. It is especially lovely how a single company participated in the tender for the right to sell the tickets. However, the Administration of the 2 District did not just use a loophole in the Federal Law № 44-FZ “On Contract System for Acquisition of Goods, Work, and Services for Public and Municipal Needs”. The loophole allows one to buy tickets for entertainment events bypassing tender system.

Unified State Register of Legal Entities extract: Dilyaver Company founder - Ablyamitov Dilyaver Reshatovich. Unified State Register of Legal Entities extract: Dilyaver Company founder - Ablyamitov Dilyaver Reshatovich.
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However, the Administration of the 2 Districts held and open tender for supply of tickets bundled with gifts. The contract was worth 2.7 million rubles. The results were published as far back as July 2016. Teatralnie Kassi Dilyaver won. Of course it did. Another company that participated in the tender is called Podarochny Mir. Svetlana Vladimirovna Shoshina. A woman with the same name as the CEO of the Paritet Company. She also used to be the CEO of the now closed Kulturno-Razvlekatelny Agentstvo Dilyaver Company. Dilyaver Ablyamitov is the sole owner of both companies. At the same time, Kazennova Elzara Dilyaverovna, the Mr Ablyamitov co-owner of the Dilyaver Holding Company, is the CEO of Podarochny Mir. It all adds up, doesn’t it? Public servants from the Administration of the 2 District are likely to receive gifts themselves, too. 

Выписка из ЕГРЮЛ

Unified State Register of Legal Entities extract:

LLC Paritet - CEO Svetlana Vladimirovna Shoshina; founder Dilyaver Reshatovich Ablyamitov

LLC Podarochny Mir - founder Svetlana Vladimirovna Shoshina 

LLC Kulturno-Razvlekatelny Agentstvo Dilyaver Company - Acting CEO Svetlana Vladimirovna Shoshina; founder  Dilyaver Reshatovich Ablyamitov 

Old style New Year

Civil servants had to get creative this year since they had called for modesty. The phrase “corporate party” was strictly forbidden. However, they wanted to have one too badly. Of course, Gazprom exceled more than anyone else. We managed to find information about several tenders in which agencies of the company participated; each one of them was worth more than 1 million rubles. But Gazprom Trasgaz Yugorsk beat them all; the starting price for its tender amounted to 16.2 million rubles. The VTB24 Bank eagerly wanted to throw a party, too. The bank management did not support Vyacheslav Volodin’s initiative for not celebrating, obviously.

The Bank management spent 2.35 million rubles on the upcoming New Year party. The party will be held at the Avrora Klub recreation center; guests will be accommodated in penthouses and townhouses (4-5 people in each house). They will enjoy team contests, field cuisine and a banquet in the end. The Bank did not restrain itself in terms of money when arranging New Year parties for its regional branches either. The Cities of Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, and Ufa will have the most expensive parties among the Bank’s regional branches. 

The Yekaterinburg party costs as much the one in the capital. Its guests will enjoy performances by pianist Vadim Chepinogi and trapeze artists, a photo shoot with professional make-up artists and other artists, and menu of more than 20 items.

The Chelyabinsk party ranked 2nd with the cost of 1.24 million rubles. The guests will enjoy several halls of SmolinoPark, a 4-star hotel, and wine menu with a more than 4 000 rubles credit for each guest. The Ufa party will cost the budget more than 1 million rubles more.

The total amount of money spent by Moscow authorities amounts to more than 100 million rubles. This makes a 7.2 million ruble artificial New Year tree in the Palace of Culture in the City of Voronezh pale by compassion; especially since the City Administration tried to buy a similar tree for 12.2 million rubles several months earlier. It seems as if civil servants from all over the Russia know the saying “you live the New Year the way you celebrate it” all too well. So, we are going to celebrate it with a huge hole in our budget.




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