Nizhny Novgorod police fire officer who exposed friendship between mafia and prosecutors 

Nizhny Novgorod police fire officer who exposed friendship between mafia and prosecutors
Andrei Gruzdev, the fired policeman

A criminal case was initiated against the now former district police officer, Andrei Gruzdev, under the article pertaining to the abuse of official powers.

Captain Gruzdev, the senior district police officer of the Semenov district of the Nizhny Novgorod region, was fired after he exposed friendship between the local criminal bosses and the staff of the district prosecutor's office. Gruzdev found a snapshot of Aydin Guseynov, the owner of underground gambling business, Konstantin Rumyantsev, the senior assistant prosecutor, and Olei Kazanokov, the assistant prosecutor. The men had their arms around each other.

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Aydin Guseynov (middle), the prosecutors (right)

In 2016, police, including Andrei Gruzdev, uncovered a network of illegal gaming clubs. However, the case was never filed, and the captain was even accused of harboring the criminals; he was prosecuted for exceeding the office (part 1 of Art.286).

 “As far as I know, the initial purpose was to cover up the crime. For that, investigation papers had to be falsified. So, they decided to make me the guilty one,” Andrei Gruzdev said on the Kstati show.

In 2016, the police were supervised by prosecutors Konstantin Rumyantsev and Olei Kazanokov. The latter was moved for work in the Krasnodar region at some point later.

Andrei Gruzdev is also convinced that the district prosecutor Mais Yakhyev could not have been unaware about the friendship of Rumyantsev and Kazanokov with the crime lords. The prosecutor's office is being searched.

As for the illegal gaming business owner, Aydin Guseynov, his underground casino was busted by the FSB and the Rosgvardiya in 2017. There was a trial, but the public prosecution was represented by the Semenov prosecutors. So, all the underground businessmen, including the leader, got off with fines.

Video: officer gets fired after exposing friendship of criminals and prosecutors



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