Nizhny Novgorod investigators point non-existent intersection as crime scene

Nizhny Novgorod investigators point non-existent intersection as crime scene
Oleg Sorokin

The court considers the case against ex-Mayor of the city and ex-head of the Legislative Assembly of the region Oleg Sorokin.

In Nizhny Novgorod, investigators indicated a non-existent crime scene in the indictment, and also refused lawyers to present the testimony of 20 witnesses in favor of the accused - ex-Mayor of the city Oleg Sorokin, the defendant in the kidnapping case, Stolitsa Nizhny reports.

“The M7 highway and the Nizhny Novgorod-Balakhna highway do not intersect, and the investigator determines the crime scene measuring the distance from this non-existent intersection,” says lawyer of Sorokin Mikhail Burmistrov.

On November 19 and 20, the District Court held preliminary hearings on the case of Oleg Sorokin. Writer Zakhar Prilepin wanted to act as a public defender but faced the refusal. Also, the investigation refuted to indicate the testimony of defense witnesses in the indictment.

“There are witnesses on the part of the defense, and the investigator says that they are not needed. He only needs prosecution witnesses. This is such competitiveness,” Prilepin outraged.

The victim in the Sorokin case is Alexander Novoselov, the former guard of the business partner of accusee Mikhail Dikin. The Alexander and Mikhail Dikin brothers were sentenced to 16 and 14 years, respectively, for organizing the assassination attempt on Sorokin. In 2016, the Dikin brothers were released on parole.

According to the investigation, in April 2004, Sorokin took Novoselov to the woods, beat him and forced him to slander the Dikin brothers. The criminal case was initiated only in the summer of 2017. Cases of Sorokin and ex-policemen Colonel Evgeny Voronin and Roman Markeev were united into one proceeding, and the accused were arrested.

In December 2017, a criminal case of bribery was initiated against Sorokin. According to the investigation, an acquaintance of the ex-Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, Mansur Sadekov, transferred 30.7 million rubles to the director general of Vektron CJSC at the request of Sorokin.

In 2012, Vektron and Ingradstroy participated in the auction for the right to conclude lease agreements for 14 land plots with a total area of 4.5 million square meters. The Ingradstroy company won, but Vektron contested the outcome of the auction, as 60% of the share capital of the winning company belonged to Sorokin’s wife, Elada Nagornaya. Sorokin allegedly decided to pay the head of Vektron for refusing claims on the land plots.

Law enforcement officers arrested director general of Volga-Petroleum CJSC Sadekov in the transfer of money. Four months later, Sadekov wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin asking him to intervene in his fate. According to Sadekov, he executed the orders of Sorokin.



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