Nizhniye Sergi: brawl outside club almost turns into interethnic conflict

Nizhniye Sergi: brawl outside club almost turns into interethnic conflict
Photo: KP

During the fight, a 120-kg native of Azerbaijan died.

In Nizhniye Sergi (Sverdlovsk region), residents discuss the events that occurred on the evening of June 22 near one of the local nightclubs. After the incident, riot policemen and representatives of the local ICR arrived in the city.

According to available information, a 40-year-old local man quarreled with a 49-year-old Azerbaijani. A fight ensued, during which the 120-kg Azerbaijani died. After it turned out that both men were very drunk and previously convicted.

Later an autopsy revealed that the deceased had heart problems and it broke down. 

Meanwhile, the social networks, still remembering the scandal in Chemodanovka with the participation of the Roma, began to actively spread information about the new ethnic conflict. Azerbaijanis from the nearest settlements came to Nizhniye Sergi, claiming that they were being “offended,” and the local people began to spread messages via messengers about the need to stand against the visitors.

The head of the press service of the Main MIA Directorate for the Sverdlovsk region, Valery Gorelykh, said that what happened was only a domestic conflict.

Komsomolskaya Pravda talked to local residents and this is what they said: "The day before, Southerners attacked a local and beat him in a gang. After that, they allegedly had been assigned a fight near the cafe. A lot of people came from the side of the southerners, and from the local side – three men. I do not think that our wanted to specifically kill the southerner – he pushed, that guy fell and died,” said a local resident.



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