Nizhnevartovsk: shot-out businessman owed City Hall 

Nizhnevartovsk: shot-out businessman owed City Hall
At the place of Andrey Pliht’s execution law enforcement officers found more than 20 shell casings

Andrey Pliht owed more than 200 thousand rubles ($3 450) for the lease of municipal land.

Details of shot Nizhnevartovsk Nissan X-trail driver became known. The media found out that participated in an organized criminal group in the dashing 90' Andrey Pliht is currently engaged in business. reported citing its sources that 43-year-old Pliht owes a few hundred thousand to the City Administration. The entrepreneur rents a municipal land, but does not paid for it, accumulating 258 thousand rubles ($4 916) of debt. In 2016, the Department of Land Lease and Natural Objects of the Nizhnevartovsk Administration intended to terminate the contract and seized Pliht's land throughout the court. However, as far as we know, there was no trial. The sources did not specify what is located on the leased from the municipality land.

Meanwhile, according to Kontur.Fokus, there is no any official business registered on man. He could be associated with the activities of JSC Nobili, originally located in Nizhnevartovsk, but later changed domicile on Moscow one. The company is engaged in the production of thermal power boilers, it was established in 2002 by certain Oleg Chepik and Lydia Pliht. The latter, in turn, may have relationship with Andrey Pliht. Note that in relation to the company there are dozens of lawsuits by hundreds of thousand rubles from companies that are likely to use the services of Nobili. In the history of enforcement proceedings there are also litigation with government agencies: the Federal Bailiff Service, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Pension Fund of Russia.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the armed showdown took place at about 9:50 on Omskaya Street. Unknown persons purportedly driving VAZ-2109 caught up to the Nissan X-trail and opened fire on the car. As a result of the shooting, the foreign-made car's 43-year-old driver Andrey Pliht was injured. After receiving a gunshot wound in the chest, the man lost control of the vehicle, resulting in Nissan X-trail colliding with parked cars, crashing into a fence, and overturning. Passers-by helped the victim get out of the SUV. An ambulance, which arrived at the scene, hospitalized Pliht Apart from the gunshot wound, he was diagnosed with a head injury and a bruised lung in the medical facility.

Following the incident, the ICR Investigative Committee in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District initiated a criminal case under Attempted Murder (part 3 of Art. 30, part 2 of Art.105 of the Russian Criminal Code).

A few hours after the incident, VAZ-2109, in which, presumably, shooters moved, was found burning a few kilometers from the Omskaya Street. In the trunk of the car law enforcement officers found a gun machine with a muffler from which, perhaps, the perpetrators fired. Currently, law enforcement authorities are searching for the gunmen, who could be natives of Caucasus. According, attackers may be members of one Nizhnevartovsk ethnic OCG, operating in the city for over 20 years.

Earlier, the source of the local TV channel Metropolis TV reported that Andrey Pliht was a participant of one of the organized criminal group in the 90s. Informants suggested that the attack on a man could be a revenge of old chaps, with whom Pliht had relations in the past.⁠

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