Nizhnevartovsk: Chechens say special police unit is behind beating in cafe 

Nizhnevartovsk: Chechens say special police unit is behind beating in cafe
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A group of young Chechen men claims disguised special purpose police unit soldiers beat their countrymen in a Nizhnevartovsk café.

It happed in a Nizhnevartovsk café. A group of police soldiers in plain clothing burst into the café and began beating and shooting at Chechens, according to eyewitnesses. Two visitors were wounded: one suffered a shot to the stomach, while another to the head. Both were taken to hospital and are now in intensive care unit.

Caucasian social activist Uni Uspanov immediately latched onto the incident. He published an angry message on his Facebook page that he has already deleted, however. He said he deleted it due to a big number of rude comments.


Caucasian social activist deleted his FB publication due to a big number of rude comments

The media extensively covered the incident. The public thought the Chechens were the victims and the police were the aggressors.

Meanwhile, here is what Spokeswoman for the National Guard in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District-Yugra department Yulia Shmeleva had to say on the matter: "Our official position is that the soldiers of the National Guard of Russia in the Yugra Department of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District were not involved in ceasing the fight in Nizhnevartovsk on July 27. The accusations against the soldiers are unfounded. They were not sent there."

A criminal case was opened for violation of article 111, part 3 (Intentional Infliction of a Grave Injury) of the Russian Criminal Code after the gunfight in the Gorodok shopping mall, according to the local police office of public affairs. However, no one was arrested yet. An investigation is being conducted.

Video: Victims of the brutal beating in Nizhnevartovsk are Chechens



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