Nikita Kobelev dies in Ulan-Ude, police accused only of abuse of authority 

Nikita Kobelev dies in Ulan-Ude, police accused only of abuse of authority
Nikita Kobelev

Signs of beating found on the body of a deceased 17-year-old teenager Nikita Kobelev, were the reason for the detention of law enforcement officers. Moreover, the police did not notify the boy's parents about his arrest.

The case of the mysterious death of a teenager in Buryatia evolved. On June 23, the Sovetsky Court of Ulan-Ude took into custody the three police officers, who participated in the arrest of Nikita Kobelev. However, despite the fact that the Russian Investigative Committee opened a criminal investigation into murder, the law enforcement members stand accused only of abuse of authority.

"It is established that the police officers delivered multiple blows to the head, body, and limbs of the detained teenager. As a result, he received bruises, abrasions and hemorrhages, which caused no harm to the health, but inflicted physical pain. Also, there is evidence that the parents of the young men were not notified about their sons’ arrest," - the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Republic of Buryatia stated.

In addition, 18-year-old Dmitry Tutynin, who was detained together with Nikita, appealed to the Investigation Department for Zheleznodorozhny district of the Russian Investigative Committee in the Republic of Buryatia. Dmitry filed a statement in which he wrote that "the police officers illegally arrested him, held him, demanding to confess to a series of thefts, while beating, torturing, and threatening him with violence."

A pre-investigation check has been launched on the basis of his complaint.

On June 8, the police officers arrested two teenagers, suspecting them of stealing a bicycle. One of them - 17-year-old Nikita Kobelev - died under mysterious circumstances. According to the official version, the boy got sick in a police car and choked on vomit mass. However, his parents found bruises on their son’s body during the identification stage.


The other detainee - Dmitry Tutynin - was put in another police car. The young man claims that he was brought to some basement, where he was beaten for a few hours, while the police demanded him to confess to thefts and break-ins. As a result, the next day, on June 9, Dmitry was taken to a drug clinic, where the tests revealed traces of psychotropic substances in his blood. At the trial, held on the same day, the teenager was convicted of using drugs.

It is worth noting that Dmitry's mother, Marina, was not notified about her son’s arrest either, and did not know of his whereabouts for the whole day.

The CrimeRussia will follow the progress of the investigation into Nikita Kobelev’s death.

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