Nikita Belykh team is dwindling

Nikita Belykh team is dwindling
Boris Vesnin

Boris Vesnin, the Minister of the Interior and Information Policy in the Kirov region is said to resign soon. This may leave the regional Administration very few people, who had started their carriers under now arrested ex-Governor Nikita Belykh.

Boris Vesnin, the Minister of the Interior and Information Policy in the Kirov region, has left his post. According to local media, Vesnin's last work day was September 19. Earlier the upcoming dismissal had been covered by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to a source with the regional Government. Noting, however, that there had been no official decree on his dismissal yet.

Also, according to Rossiyskaya Gazeta's unofficial information, three more people from the Belykh Team might quit their posts and those are the Acting Deputies of the Kirov regional Government. The local media claimed, the resignation await Aleksandr Galitskikh, Evgeniya Mikheyeva and Roman Beresnev. However, the officials have not confirmed this information yet.

If the predictions come true, this may leave the regional administration very few people, who had been invited on their posts by Nikita Belykh.

The Governor Nikita Belykh was arrested June 24, 2016 in a Moscow restaurant, when obtaining a hefty bribe before being removed from office by a presidential decree upon loss of trust. This was followed by dismissals of members of the regional Government, who were close to the arrested. In August, other resignation letters followed by the Vice-Governor Sergey Shcherchkov and Aleksey Vershinin, who served as the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and External Relations and also oversaw the development of tourism and single-industry towns. After that, Dmitry Matveyev, the Deputy Chairman of the regional Government, and then Health Minister Yelena Utemova left their posts. September 16 saw a letter of resignation by the Minister of Industry and Energy of the Kirov region Evgeny Mikheyev.

Earlier, the Basmanny Court of Moscow ruled that Nikita Belykh should be kept in custody at Lefortovo detention center until December 24, 2016. Meanwhile, investigators continue to question his former subordinates.



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