Nikita Belykh allowed to get married in pre-trial detention center

Nikita Belykh allowed to get married in pre-trial detention center
Nikita Belykh

The wedding date has already been appointed, yet the ex-Governor did not reveal it.

The arrested ex-Governor of the Kirov Region Nikita Belykh was allowed to hold his wedding, the Deputy Head of the PMC Eva Merkacheva told RIA Novosti. According to her, the investigator has given his consent to marriage ceremony, which will be held in accordance with the rules of the pre-trial detention center.

Nikita Belykh did not reveal the date of the ceremony, as he wants journalists to stay away from his personal life.

Earlier, it was reported that the ex-Governor was going to get married to Katrin Reyfert on August, 27 in the Moscow pre-trial detention center Lefortovo. However, the investigator did not give his consent to it. Later, representatives of the PMC said that Belykh did not file a petition for the wedding, but only asked whether it was possible. Probably, the main reason for the refusal was the fact that he was already married to another woman.

The former Governor was married to Ella Belykh, who lives in Perm now. 41-year-old Nikita Belykh has 3 children with his spouse. It is also known that his new fiancee is 30-years-old, lives in Moscow and writes poetry.

Belykh was arrested on June, 24 on suspicion of taking a bribe. He was arrested by the Basmanny Court of Moscow. Later, Putin dismissed Belikh from the post of the Head of the Kirov Region.



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