Nikandrov and his deputy covered group of black estate agents? 

Nikandrov and his deputy covered group of black estate agents?
Denis Nikandrov and Mikhail Shmyrev

The case of black estate agents, with whom the General Nikandrov had cooperated, involves the Deputy of Velikie Luki Municipal Duma Mikhail Shmyrev.⁠

More and more curious details come up in the case of the first Deputy Head of the ICR General Investigative Administration for Moscow Denis Nikandrov, who has been arrested. According to Life, back in 2009 he was involved in a case of black estate agents. The Investigation Committee granted Nikandrov an apartment in Batayskiy proezd, Moscow, whose previous owner had been killed.

Aleksey Sedov’s body was found in October 2009 in the Istra District of Moscow Region. According to local investigators, after the death of his wife, Sedov began misusing alcohol. In 2008, he sold his Moscow apartment and, quite inexplicably, moved to Velikie Luki, Pskov Region. His son, who was also registered in the apartment, cancelled his registration.

The Moscow apartment was purchased by the previously convicted Dmitriy Antipov from the same city, Velikie Luki. He told investigators that a local deputy Mikhail Shmyrev, who owned an estate agency network, supposedly addressed him in fall 2008. He gave Antipov 20 thousand rubles and asked him to register a two-room apartment in his name. Approximately one year later, he was asked to come to Moscow and re-register the apartment located in Batayskiy proezd to the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia (January 15, 2011 the Investigative Committee at the Prosecutor’s Office of Russia ceased to exist). The apartment was renovated and vested to Nikandrov. Later, neighbors recalled that the first owner Sedov paid a visit to the apartment and had a fight with the workers, but they chased him away; nobody saw him again.

After realizing that the man became a victim of the black estate agents, Istra investigators found that another Moscow apartment in Belorechenskaya street was sold by Sedov’s mother-in-law; the apartment was the actual place of residence of Sedov’s son; his classmate was also registered there. They also left for Velikie Luki, but were never found; investigators became convinced that they too were no longer alive. Then the investigators decided to question Nikandrov; he claimed that the housing space in Batayskiy proezd had been allocated to him by the Investigative Committee’s Fund.

Mikhail Shmyrev is worth a separate story. Information about him is scarce. It is known that, in addition to the deputy position of Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, held by Shmyrev since 2012, he has also been the head of Gazstroy LLC, which has been successfully fulfilling state orders for many years. Since its foundation in 2011, the company has signed contracts worth around 200 million rubles. 

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Photo: State contracts

In addition, the public servant has stakes in a number of other companies.

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Photo: Shmyrev’s stakes in various companies

   Whereas CMU 327 LLC and Druzhba Nedvizhimost LLC are not associated with the state structures, NefteGazStroy LLC has earned nearly 100 million rubles on state contracts.

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Photo: State contracts

Let us recall, that in May 2016 the FSB officials detained several members of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department suspected of establishing a group of black estate agents. A suspect in the case, who agreed to cooperate with the investigation, said the group was covered by Denis Nikandrov. Supposedly, he could come into possession of several apartments, the previous owners of which were killed or found dead. In addition to the two-room apartment in Batayskiy proezd, one of Nikandrov’s family members owns an apartment in Volgogradskiy prospekt. The investigator himself is registered at this address; however, according to the neighbors, they have never seen him there. The apartment’s previous owner has gone missing under suspicious circumstances.

Currently, FSB investigators are trying to figure out how the deals were concluded in respect of the suspicious apartments. Nikandrov may face new charges.

The first Deputy Head of the ICR General Investigative Administration for Moscow Denis Nikandrov, the Head of the ICR General Administration of Interdepartmental Interaction and Internal Security Maksimenko, and his Deputy Lamonov were arrested on suspicion of taking bribes of especially large scale from the criminal leader Shakro Molodoy.

The FSB investigators have launched an investigation of all cases led by Nikandrov.



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