New US sanctions list includes FSB and Russian Defense Ministry

New US sanctions list includes FSB and Russian Defense Ministry
Monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov in Moscow. The Kalashnikov concern is mentioned among enterprises that new restrictions may affect

In the line of special services, the list included both the Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service.

American newspaper The New York Times published a list of 39 Russian organizations against which new US sanctions could be imposed. There are the leaders of the defense industry Kalashnikov, Uralvagonzavod, the MiG corporation, Russian Helicopters, as well as the state monopoly for the export of defense industry Rosoboronexport products and the Rostec state corporation. In the line of special services, the list included both the Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service.

In the evening on Thursday, the US State Department announced the approval of the list and the transfer of it to the Congress. It promised to make it public in the near future, but the specific date was not called.

NYT publishes a list in the form of a document scan. In its second part, Questions and Answers, it is stressed that publication does not entail the immediate application of restrictions. It only points out that the listed organizations act "in the interests or on behalf of the defense sector or intelligence". In addition, some enterprises and organizations may already be under sanctions.

On the eve the media learned how the Russian defense industry is preparing for new sanctions. Kommersant reported plans to conduct maintenance of the country's defense industry through one bank. The main candidate for the role of the bank for servicing the defense industry was the Russian Financial Corporation (RFK) - a structure owned by Rosoboronexport.

One of the provisions of the new resolution on sanctions, signed by President Trump in August, is the issue of restrictions on individuals who carry out "important transactions" with the Russian military. So, now the US President is authorized to impose additional sanctions on all those involved in "important transactions" with the Russian military or intelligence sectors, including blocking access to the US financial system and arresting assets in the US.

Even before the publication of the list, Bloomberg reported serious banking risks in connection with lending to the defense industry. According to the US agency, Sberbank and VTB beware those large loans to arms producers can bring on them such sanctions, which paralyze their business.

Full list

The list includes Admiralty Shipyards, Almaz-Antei, Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, Kalashnikov and Izhmash Concerns, SPLAV Research and Production Association, Kalinin Machine-Building Plant PJSC in city of Yekaterinburg, the Rosoboronexpoort company, the Akipovich Shipunov Instrument Design Bureau, the Federal Research and Production Center Titan-Barrikady, the Military-Industrial Corporation Research and Production Association of Machine Building (the military-industrial complex NGO machine-buildin), Molot-Oruzhie LLC, Mytishchi Machine Building Plant JSC, Experienced Design Bureau NOVATOR JSC, OBORONPROM corporation, Radioelectronic Technologies (CRET) concern JSC, RTI concern, Uralvagonzavod corporation, state corporation Rostec, Dolgoprudnsky Research and Production Enterprise PJSC. The list also includes the NGO High-Precision Complexes; the EU sectoral sanctions have already been imposed against them.

In addition, sanctions may affect the partners of the Russian corporation MiG, Sukhoi, Helicopters of Russia, the Sozvezdiye concern, the Bazalt state research and production enterprise, the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation, the Research Institute n.a. Tikhomirov, Tupolev company, United Aircraft Company, United Engine-Building Corporation, United Instrument-Making Corporation and United Shipbuilding Corporation.

In addition, the structure of the Russian intelligence sector is included in the list: the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces (former GRU), the Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service. As TASS notes, they have long been under American sanctions, imposed under President Barack Obama. The list also includes: Special Technology Center from St. Petersburg, ANO PA KSI (represented as an autonomous NGO Professional Association of Data Processing Designers), COR from Moscow.



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