New Sagra or household dismantling? All about massacre in Gipsy settlement in Yekaterinburg

New Sagra or household dismantling? All about massacre in Gipsy settlement in Yekaterinburg
Oleg Shishov Photo: Yaromir Romanov/

Last weekend an event took place in Yekaterinburg, reminding of the 90s with its gangs’ warring or of shooting in Sagra, when locals with weapons in hands protected their territory from a lawlessness of national diaspora. Journalists of collected all information, known by now, on firing in Gipsy settlement.

On Saturday evening, September 3, about 30 armed men attacked a house on the Deputatskay Street. There was a firefight, the owner of the house opened a fire at the attackers. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reports on from six to eight injured people. According to the available data, a 17-years-old teenager was among the victims, information on the victims appeared immediately. After the incident the owner of the house disappeared with his family.

On the morning of September 4, the Investigation Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia initiated a criminal case. Also first details of the event occurred - for example that armed conflict was preceded by dismantling in Academichesky, and the conflict situation arose in fight for control over the paid parking on one of the streets of the residential district. The group consisting of fighters, confidant to two criminal leaders, famous in Yekaterinburg, tried to force out from the object competitors from among representatives of one of the diasporas.

Identities of the first victims became known. One of the attackers – 27-year-old man – died in hospital on the night of September 4. It was sportsman Kirill Shtripling. He was a mixed martial arts fighter in super heavyweight and, presumably, participated in a commercial dispute. Filling of shotgun pellet shot him, the athlete managed was taken to hospital in time, but doctors were powerless. On the same day, September 4, one more victim died in hospital — 18-year-old Pavel Basargin. According to some reports, the victims were known as paid soldiers, and participated, in particular, in the January dismantling at the shopping center Dirizhabl.

On Sunday the story obtained new details - it became known that the defending — the former fighter-paratrooper, who participated in the Chechen War. He shot not from Kalashnikov, but from hunting rifle Saiga, structurally similar to the automatic machine. This is 37-year-old Oleg Shishov, he is a hereditary Cossack, and has three children.

On the morning of September 5, Shishov surrendered to the authorities. He said that they came just to kill: "They were exchanging words. Deciding who will throw a grenade to my house, and who will cut us later: me, my wife, and children." Then Shishov started shooting first.

According to his lawyer, Dmitry Dushin, there were no limits of self-defense, the person was protecting himself.

Shishov came to give up together with a friend who shot Aleksander Dutov. Shishov also told about the causes of the conflict — on the afternoon of September 3, he had a fight with Dmitry. This conflict had domestic character; there were no talks about business. Then Shishov left home with family and Dmitry went for help. According to preliminary data, about 15 people came to the house in not less than six cars. Practically all cars are already found and sent to the supervised parking of the police. The investigation searches for their owners.


Photo: Aleksander Dutov (by Yaromir Romanov)

The media-service of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Sverdlovsky Region confirmed the fact that Shishov surrounded to the police. At 6:30 in the morning a citizen, accompanied by a group of individuals who introduced themselves as their neighbors, voluntarily appeared in the police control room. He wrote a counter-statement on bringing to criminal liability of unknown persons who perpetrated the riots. This statement is registered. Representative of the Investigative Committee, to whom the man was transferred for further action, was called on the scene— commented media service.

"The difference between this situation and a firefight in Sagra village in the summer of 2011, that Shishov didn't report about the preparing attack anywhere though he perfectly knew about it. One would assume that the police, considering Sagra's lessons, would react quickly and strictly. And conflict with two corpses could be avoided," — said a source among the security forces.

On Monday, September 5, Shishov and Dutov underwent medical survey in emergency station — says the correspondent of Now they are on interrogation at investigating officers. Then, toward the afternoon, it will become clear whether Shishov and Dutov would be arrested. Now it is known that Dutov's brother, Alexey, is wanted.



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