New evidence of Yamal Governor fishing in reserve 

New evidence of Yamal Governor fishing in reserve
Governor of Yamal cooking fish soup from Arctic char

Dmitry Kobylkin, the Governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YNAO), called photos and videos published by Novaya Gazeta, which evidence the governor's fishing and hunting in the company of the region's prosecutor Alexander Gerasimenko in the territory of Taymyr Nature Reserve fake. The publication explained why Kobylkin tells lies.

According to Kobylkin in an interview with a week ago, fishing, the photos of which appeared in Novaya Gazeta, did not take place on Taymyr, but on Yamal, on the border with Komi. He also claimed that Arctic char was not included in the Red List. However, the publication has carried out a comparative analysis of the shot breakdown of the video and photo materials, which confirmed that the Governor was telling lies.

In particular, the spot at which YNAO Prosecutor Alexander Gerasimenko was eternized with Arctic char in his hands was accurately identified by the unique relief of the coastline.

It should be noted that this was not difficult, since the famous photo of the canyon of the Mamonta River by Kaluga photographer Vitaly Gorshkov is posted on the official website of Taymyr Nature Reserve, which Governor Kobylkin apparently did not take into account when refuting the information in the interview.


Берег реки Мамонты

The storyboard of the video, which begins with an overlook on coastal rocks, confirmed that the place where the fans of Arctic char soup camped was the bank of the Mamonta River.

Analyzing this video and comparing it with the dialogue between the Governor and the Prosecutor during the discussion of the soup, it became clear that the voice that is heard first, when the helicopter scares away the flock of musk oxen ("Here they are!"), belongs to the Governor of YNAO Dmitry Kobylkin.

берег Мамонты


In February 2017 Novaya Gazeta caught Governor of YNAO Dmitry Kobylkin and prosecutor Alexander Gerasimenko fishing in the state reserve. At the disposal of the publication were photos and video materials, which show how the prosecutor and the governor were catching Arctic char, featured in Red List, in Taymyr Nature Reserve.

In addition, despite the ban on airplanes and helicopters flying below 2000 meters over the specially protected area, which is the reserve, the video depicted how high-ranking fishermen frightened a flock of musk oxen by flying a helicopter over them at low altitude. Another shot pictured the helicopter itself with a distinctive red-and-blue coloring of Taymyr airline.

берег Мамонты1 2.jpg

For the first time, the "reserve fishing" became known as early as December 2015, but then only a person resembling prosecutor Gerasimenko turned out to be in the camera lens. Then the publication sent all the available photo and video materials to the Prosecutor General's Office. In March 2016 an official response was received, signed by the Deputy Head of the department – the Head of the department of service inspections of the Prosecutor General's Office, Andrey Kuzmin. It stated that "the data on the involvement of Gerasimenko in catching Arctic char in the territory of Taymyr Nature Reserve and the presence of the said officer of the Prosecutor's Office on board the helicopter flying over the reserve were not received during the verification".



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