New details of brutal murder of a student in Domodedovo 

New details of brutal murder of a student in Domodedovo
Alisa Sh. Photo: REN TV

According to one version, the girl invited the criminal home herself.

Certain details have become known about the murder of 17-year-old girl in Domodedovo.

The name of the deceased is Alisa Sh. She was an MSTU student. The girl’s body was discovered by her sister.

Traces of a fight were found in the house where Alisa was killed, REN TV reports. The murderer did not steal nothing, despite the fact that there was some money.

According to one version, Alisa knew the criminal and invited him home herself. 

Earlier it was reported that a girl was found dead in a house on Svetlaya Street. Stab wounds and signs of strangulation were found on her body.



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