New details in Omsk colony tortures

New details in Omsk colony tortures
Handcuff marks on one of the prisoners Photo: MBK media

The prisoners who had complained about the poor conditions in correctional camp No. 10 (IK-10) were tortured until they withdraw their statement.

Prisoners of the Omsk Medical Correctional Camp No. 10 for tuberculosis patients told lawyer Maria Eysmont about abuse during the transfer to the correctional camp No. 7 (IK-7), which is already being called ‘torture chamber.’

According to the prisoners, the tortures in Siberia continue despite the major media impact they created following the description of the brutalities committed by the Federal Penitentiary Service employees. MBK media publishes the victims’ stories. 

One of them tells how he and ten other prisoners were sent to Omsk for complaining about the conditions of detention in the IK-10. The prisoners had filed collective complaints on malnutrition, fungus in the prison cells, dampness, and the presence of patients with an open form of tuberculosis. After the ten of them refused to withdraw their complaints, they were transferred to the IK-7. 

Once there, they were beaten on the neck and the kidneys. The source says that they had to move with a bent back and were not allowed to raise their head.

After the beatings, he was taken to a room with mattresses, thrown on the floor, and had his buttocks forced apart. Then they said: “We will have to rape you. You seem to be keen on filing complaints?” Then his male organ and anus were subjected to electric shocks. 

“It felt like they barred the teeth nerves and pulled them. They shouted something, but I didn’t make out what it was. I screamed real loud. Screams were heard everywhere despite the fact that they turned on loud music,” the man said. 

According to him, after that, he had to stand on tiptoe naked in the cell, fastened with handcuffs to the bars, for about three hours. He gave the names of those who tortured him. 

The torturers included Head of the single cell-type rooms Shodibek Makhmadbekov. Also, the prisoners were constantly visited by Head of the IK-10 Security Office Bakhtiyar Sabirzhanovich. Employee of the Operative Office Vasily Trofimov also took part in the tortures. Head of the IK-10 Aleksandr Sysenko was aware of the situation, the prisoner believes.

The tortures of men who had written a complaint continued from September to December 2015. The prisoners would be called by female names; they had to stand in a square painted on the floor in the middle of the cell for days and shout out loud the internal regulations. Many of them got hoarse; at the same time, they were only allowed to keep their eyes on the ceiling. From time to time, they were taken out for stretching; they were kicked on their legs so that they would split. 

According to the victim, Shodibek Makhmadbekov would personally attend the tortures. He would approach a prisoner and say: “Who are you? It takes us three seconds to wipe you off. No one is coming for you; you don’t have money to fight against the system. The system will wipe you off,” the man said. 

According to him, after being tortured with electric shocks, being hung and beaten, he voided blood for a week and a half; after returning to the IK-10, he began to have some mental issues. The prisoners were allowed to return to the correctional camp No. 10 only after they withdraw their complaints. 

Prisoner Dmitry Kozyukov, who fell gravely ill after the abuse and was released for health reasons, also confirmed the tortures of the eleven complainants to the lawyer. Kozyukov is currently undergoing treatment in a St. Petersburg hospital. Eysmont has applied with the ICR about Kozyukov. According to her, a local Omsk investigator is already checking into the application. 

Lawyer of the human rights organization Rus’ Sidyashchaya Vera Goncharova had previously reported on the tortures, to which prisoners of the correctional camp No. 7 (IK-7) are subjected. Ruslan Suleymanov, who has been released from the colony, said that the prisoners are raped by various objects, tortured with electric shocks, and hung in a narrow cage, in which it is only possible to stand.



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