New comprehensive examination to prove negligence in 'drunk' boy’s case

New comprehensive examination to prove negligence in 'drunk' boy’s case
Accident scene

Parents of the 6-year-old Alyosha Shimko that had been hit and killed by a car are looking for independent experts.

A comprehensive examination will be carried out in the investigation of negligence of the experts who detected alcohol in the blood of the boy who had been run over in Balashikha.

"There will be a broad examination in the negligence case involving experts of various fields. The injured party is looking for experts at the moment," counselor Mishonov representing the family of the deceased child told RIA Novosti.

Previously, the parents of the deceased boy had been given the status of victims in the case, which allowed them to request permission for an exhumation. The federation of forensic experts noted that exhumation is needed to collect the boy’s muscle tissue, which can show whether Alyosha Shimko had been drunk at the time of the accident.

The accident occurred in the courtyard of an apartment building on April 23. Olga Alisova, 31, driving a Hyundai Solaris knocked down a child and dragged him along for another 10 meters. The boy died of the wounds. According to eyewitnesses, the car was moving at a speed of about 50-60 kph, and the woman was talking on the phone. Alisova claims that the child himself is to blame for being knocked down, as he rushed under the car.

Two criminal cases are being investigated: one on the accident itself (run by the police) and one on negligence during examination (run by the Investigative Committee). Note that there is still no suspect in the second case.



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