New charges brought against two Voronezh operatives who are defendants in murder case

New charges brought against two Voronezh operatives who are defendants in murder case
Victor Shilov

The defendants are charged with home invasion and abuse of power.

Investigation brought new charges against policemen from Voronezh, Vladimir Pyrkov and Dmitry Maximov, who are defendants in the case of murder of detainee Viktor Shilov: home invasion (Article 139 CCRF) and abuse of power (part 3 of Article 286 CCRF). In the first episode, the defendants are two more operative officers of the criminal investigation department, Vladimir Chernikov and Alexander Shevchenko. The court extended the arrest of all the four until March, Zona prava reports.

According to the investigation, in late May of 2018, the accused operatives arrived in the village of Bogdanovo, the Ramonsky District, came to Shilov, who was suspected of robbery, and took him “literally in shorts, with a towel on his shoulder and slippers,” after which the detainee disappeared. The investigation believes that the policemen beat Shilov to death, and then took the body to a deserted place, the way to which one of the accused showed on a map during the initial testimony.

During the investigation into the murder, the investigators learned that an hour after their visit to Shilov, Pyrkov and Maksimov, looking for the second suspect Sychev, entered the apartment of the Dorokhov family. There, the police stumbled upon a man and a woman. Pyrkov allegedly hit the man, while Maksimov tried to take a bag from the woman. The latter managed to get through to the rescue service, and the operatives fled.

Later, Shilov’s widow received a letter from the MIA Main Directorate for the Voronezh Region saying that the investigators did not receive instructions to detain the deceased.



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