Russian hackers’ group MoneyTaker exposed

Russian hackers’ group MoneyTaker exposed

Over past 6 months, the MoneyTaker group has attacked American companies 16 times with an average loss of $500.000. Hackers withdrew 72 million rubles ($1.2m) from people's accounts in Russia.

The international company Group-IB, specializing in the investigation of cybercrime, has discovered a new group of supposedly Russian hackers, BFM reports. The group is called MoneyTaker. It is established that for 6 months it committed 16 attacks on US companies, each time withdrawing on the average of 500 thousand dollars. Also hackers attacked Russian banks three times, and once – a British one.

As a result of the attacks on Russian banks, the hackers stole 72 million rubles. One of the attacks was prevented, as cybercriminals were detected. It is also known that one of the attacks used a program for the Bank of Russia's automated workplace. This gave grounds to suspect that Russian hackers head the group.

According to the head of Group-IB cyber intelligence department, Dmitry Volkov, this is not the only mark of the MoneyTaker’s Russian roots. He noted that because of the language barrier, only Russian-speaking hackers are engaged in cyber attacks on banks in Russia. People from other countries simply could not understand the bank interfaces, Volkov said. In addition, to legalize the funds received, it is necessary to have ties with Russian gangs. Such connections can only be made between people who speak the same language. In addition, Group-IB drew attention to the fact that hackers used a specific code and mailboxes on and Yandex.

Group-IB has transferred data on MoneyTaker to Interpol and Russian Hackers. It is noted that the identity of hackers has not yet been established. Detecting the group is only the beginning of the investigation, the company noted.



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