Nemtsov’s murder case: defendant’s relative endeavored to negotiate with juror

Nemtsov’s murder case: defendant’s relative endeavored to negotiate with juror
Khamzat Bakhaev

According to the foreman of the jury, a man approached him suggested discussing the case on behalf of Bakhaev's relatives.⁠

The relative of defendant Bakhaev tried to contact with the foreman of the jury in the case of Nemtsov’s murder. The foreman said this at yesterday's hearing of the Moscow District Military Court, Kommersant writes. Relatives and lawyers of the defendant, who attended the hearing, were outraged by this report and began to assert that they had nothing to do with this incident.

According to the story of the foreman, on the eve a man, who offered to discuss the case of Nemtsov on behalf of Bakhaev's relatives, approached him at the platform of one of the metro stations. The jury did not go into the details of the situation, but made it clear that he refused to conduct a dialogue with the unknown.

After a story about the situation a wave of indignation rose in the courtroom. Relatives and defenders began to shout that this incident was a provocation. Judge Yuri Zhitnikov asked the foreman about whether this event would affect his attitude toward the defendants, but received a negative response. The chairman said that he had no doubts about the truthfulness of the foreman, while he suggested thoroughly investigating the incident, for which he summoned the jury to the advisory room.

While the jury was moving away from the courtroom, Bakhaev's relatives continued to express discontent. The defendant's wife said that negotiations with the jury were not needed by anyone. Then Zaurbek Sadakhanov, the lawyer of the suspect, gave a speech. He supported the investigation and stressed that the unknown had nothing to do with the family of Bakhaev, as the case against his client has already fallen apart. At the same time, the defender noted that he himself was regularly subjected to pressure: in particular, the glass of his car had been smashed, and part of the documents on the case had been stolen. Sadakhanov's colleague, lawyer Mark Kaverzin, also supported the idea of ​​an investigation, suggesting that they should request records from the external surveillance cameras in the metro.

The judge heard the defense counsels' arguments and offered to discuss the extension of the defendants' arrest. The final decision on this issue he will make on Tuesday.

The lawyer of the injured party, Vadim Prokhorov, says that in the future the number of provocations and attempts to discredit the participants in the process will increase.



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