Neighbors of murdered female guide have no clue about suspects

Neighbors of murdered female guide have no clue about suspects

A mobile phone was stolen from the victim, they searched all the cabinets and stole the car.

Details appeared about a woman whose body with a cut throat was found in an apartment on Novatorov Boulevard in St. Petersburg.

The woman worked as a guide, for several days in a row Elena K. did not get in touch, friends and colleagues began to worry. In the evening of August 23, a friend came to her, who had the keys to the apartment. Opening the apartment, she witnessed a terrible picture, her friend was lying on the floor in a pool of blood with her throat cut.

Neighbors told reporters that the murdered woman was sociable and welcoming. Elena lived alone.

Her neighbor told about the details that she noticed on the day of the murder. When she left her apartment, she drew attention to the mat at the door of her neighbor — it was, as always, clean. When the woman returned at six, she noticed drops on the rug. But she didn’t lay emphasis to it, she thought that the guide had been getting rid of waste. Her car was in place. A day later, a friend opened the apartment and found a corpse.

The neighbors said that Elena worked a lot, was a pretty and interesting woman, but they did not see any men at her place.

The detectives, after examining the crime scene, reported that in the closets of the murdered woman somebody was looking for something, her mobile phone disappeared and a Volvo car parked in the yard was also stolen.

On the surveillance cameras installed on the intercom and in the front door, it can be seen that on the day of the murder, the woman returned home by car at about 16:00. After 40 minutes, a suspect with a backpack dressed in everything dark came out of the front door. A few hours later, at twelve o'clock in the morning, the same man again went into the front door and left after 10 minutes. He started Elena's car with her keys with and disappeared.

After examining the records for previous days, investigators found that the same man appeared in the house on August 21 — he went into the front door and left 15 minutes later with a black bag in his hands.



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