Nefteyugansk searches murderers of local businessman

Nefteyugansk searches murderers of local businessman
Shop in which the murdered businessman was found

Before the death the owner of a meat shop nicknamed Azerbaijani Fedya was tortured for a long time.

The ICR Investigative Directorate in KhMAO instituted criminal proceedings under Article 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder) against unidentified persons suspected of killing an entrepreneur from Nefteyugansk. Earlier, his corpse was found in his own store Svezhee Myaso (Fresh Meat), located on Surgutskaya Street.

As sources in law enforcement agencies told, the criminals came to the store last week and demanded money and other material values ​​from the owner. When he refused, they began to beat him, and then killed him. To cover up traces of the crime bandits set fire to the shop from the inside. The burnt body of a businessman with signs of torture was found by firemen.

It is also known that on the same day the criminals visited the apartment of an entrepreneur, who was known in the city as Azerbaijani Fedya - his personal belongings disappeared.

Initially, on suspicion of a crime, a store employee was detained - a visitant from the near abroad, however, after the examination the young man was released.

The owners of neighboring outlets say that the Azerbaijani Fedya was a non-conflicting person, and his shop with democratic prices gets off with buyers.



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