Neftekamsk policemen try to shut a local for accusation of torture 

Neftekamsk policemen try to shut a local for accusation of torture
Vener Mardamshin

Law enforcers detained Vener Mardamshin for a second time five days after criminal charges for abuse of official powers and torture in the police department had been brought against them.

The Neftekamsk policemen are suspected of securing false confessions from a local resident Vener Mardamshin. The rogue cops were ravaging on their professional holiday, November 10.

As the Committee for the Prevention of Torture reports, four policemen detained Vener Mardamshin at about 10 am. Without explaining the reasons for detention, they handcuffed him and forced him into a dark blue VAZ-2105. The man was brought to a police centre on Traktovaya Street, and then taken to an office on the second floor. Shooting alcohol in celebration of their professional holiday, the police officers were beating Vener Mardamshin. According to the victim, he was tortured using such methods as ‘lastochka’ (swallow) and 'mar’vanna' (hands and feet of a person are handcuffed and the body is hung on a stick between two tables), as well as using an electric stunning device. The torture continued for 2-3 hours. Throughout this time, the policemen tried to force Mardamshin admit guilty of kidnapping City Council Deputy Firuza Nasyrova on November 2015. The man refused to sign a confession. He was not able to leave the police station until next day. However, before releasing Mardamshin, the police officers forced him to write an explanatory report, in which he agreed to hold the law enforcers harmless, and confirmed he had spent the night from November 10 to 11 with his friends, drinking alcoholic beverages.

The victim’s friend helped him to get home. Mardamshin’s wife Gulnaz sent her husband to the hospital where he was diagnosed with brain concussion, fractured vertebrae, multiple injuries, and bruises. In addition, independent medical examiners have discovered the so-called electric marks on Mardamshin’s body, indicating the use of an electric stunning device.

Следы от электрошокера

Marks from electric stunning device

November 12, the victim's wife filed a report to the Republic’s ICR Neftekamsk Interdistrict Investigatory Department against the police officers who tortured her husband. However, investigators opened a case only a month later, on December 15, after the Committee for the Prevention of Torture initiated its own investigation.

Nevertheless, already after five days from the initiation of criminal proceedings under Art. 286 of the Russian Criminal Code (Exceeding Official Powers) against the law enforcement officers, Mardamshin was detained again. The man was detained in a sanatorium in the Orenburg region, where he was receiving treatment, by the same police officers who had tortured him. This time they framed him for robbery and automobile theft committed the previous year. As it turned out, the report was compiled the operatives of the criminal investigation department on December 16. At the request of MIA investigators, the local city court selected a preventive measure in the form of arrest for two months against Mardamshin.

A friend of the victim, who had seen Mardamshin immediately after his release from the police department on November 11, was detained in Neftekamsk the same day. A criminal case under Art. 228 of the Russian Criminal Code was initiated against him due to 1.66 grams of drugs allegedly found in his pocket during a search.

After the detentions, the criminal case against the law enforcement officers was transferred to Ufa. The ICR Investigations Directorate has referred a request to the Prosecutor's Office, asking to establish the legitimacy of both the criminal prosecution initiated against the victim, as well as his detention and arrest.

Video: Vener Mardamshin tells about torture in the police



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