Needless tragedy and gruesome murder: football fan dies due to insistence in Stavropol 

Needless tragedy and gruesome murder: football fan dies due to insistence in Stavropol

The man was murdered with a blow to the head.

Stavropol football fan became angry and died in an attempt to get into a match of teams of amateurs. The man wanted to make it to the bleachers through a football field. During a conflict erupted, he was hit in the head once and died.

The tragedy took place on October 2 in the territory of a sports school. At around 6 pm, the man decided to make it to the tribunes in the midst of the match between the football teams. Investigators are working on the incident.

“The deceased tried to make it through a gate leading to the football field. He was issued a reprimand, but the man did not stop. Conflict erupted and escalated to the fight. During the conflict, the poor got a strong blow to the head and fell down. It is early to judge what caused the death. He could have died of the blow itself and of hitting his head of the pavement,” Yekaterina Danilova, a senior assistant of a head of the office of investigations of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Stavropol region told KP-North Caucasus.

One way or another, the football fan was not longer than 24 hours - on November 3, he died in a hospital due to hideous injuries.

“Expert evaluation is going to be carried out. It will show whether the participants of the scuffle were in a state of alcoholic intoxication and determine what caused the death. The suspect is a 42-year-old man. He’s not a guard of the facility. Nothing of the kind! He just issued a reprimand,” Danilova said.

What caused the death of the football fan - a tragedy due to misunderstanding, a disastrous mistake, or murder in a fight - will become known as soon as the investigation’s over. According to the legislation, the suspect will face up to 15 years in a colony.



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