Natives of Tajikistan arrested for murder of Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling 

Natives of Tajikistan arrested for murder of Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling
Mirzoshavkat Tufalangov is the main suspect in the case of Sergey Chuev’s murder Photo: KP

They have been placed in a pre-trial detention center until August 8.

The Cheremushkinsky District Court of Moscow has arrested six suspects in the murder of Master of Sports in Greco-Roman wrestling Sergey Chuev until August 8, Komsomolskaya Pravda reports. 

The defendants are charged with Murder and Hooliganism Committed by a Group of Persons (Art. 105, Art. 213 of the Russian Criminal Code). All arrestees are natives of Tajikistan aged between 23 and 29. During questioning, they said they were celebrating their meeting and “only had beer.”   



Chuev was killed in the evening of June 7. When having a walk with a girl in the Yuzhnobutovsky park, he admonished a drunk company, after which the men began to beat him. The athlete fell into a pond, but the bullies continued to beat him. In the end, Chuev fainted and drowned. After that, the attackers beat his girlfriend and two teenager passersby, after which they ran towards the subway. 



During the court session, practically all persons involved in the case denied their participation in the fight with Chuev. Only 24-year-old Mirzoshavkat Tufalangov confirmed the attack on the athlete. When asked about the causes of the fight, he said it was “for no reason in particular.”  


It was found that Tufalangov had been convicted for drugs in Tajikistan. In 2017, he paid a fine for storing prohibited substances. In the near future, he will undergo a blood test. The suspect asked not to place him under arrest, since he did not intend to kill the man during the fight and was “defending himself.”



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