National Guard posts new video from World Champion Andrey Drachev's murder scene 

National Guard posts new video from World Champion Andrey Drachev's murder scene
Still from the new video from the crime scene

The video shows the second episode of the fight between the powerlifter and Anar Allakhveranov, during which the murderer dealt a series of crushing blows, deliberately bludgeoning the world champion without letting him recover. According to the regional leadership of the National Guard of Russia, that same video denies the inaction allegations filed against soldiers of the National Guard.

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia citing an eyewitness, there was a total of three fights between the accused Anar Allakhveranov and World and European champion in powerlifting Andrey Drachev during the night and early morning on August 20. All three fights were initiated by Allakhveranov, although it has been previously reported that Drachev had insulted him.

The new footage, provided by the press service of the Eastern District of the National Guard, shows Allakhveranov screaming out insults when the cafe guards and soldiers of the National Guard try to separate the fighting men.

As REN TV channel notes, it was during the second episode of the fight that Andrey had his nose broken and suffered internal injuries. During the next bout, the athlete was killed.

The video also shows the National Guard unit responding to the incident and trying to stop the fight. Therefore, according to the agency's military commanders in the Khabarovsk region, no material elements of offense have been found in the National Guard soldiers' actions.

According to Commander of the National Guard in the Eastern District Igor Grudnov, the unit was separating the fight, but had no right to detain the fighting men or to apply force to them. Moreover, the conflict participants refused to file a statement.

Meanwhile, according to Igor Grudnov's deputy Vladimir Nitsuk, one violation was revealed during the audit, namely, the National Guard soldiers did not report the incident to the police.


Andrey Drachev

To recall, Andrey Drachev was killed in a street fight on August 20 by 25-year-old resident of Khabarovsk Anar Allakhveranov. Allakhveranov had been hiding from law enforcement officers for almost a month and had been declared internationally wanted; 4 days ago, he surrendered to the regional FSB Directorate and is currently in jail.



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