“My thugs will skin you alive” 

“My thugs will skin you alive”
Photo: Media service of the Human-Rights Ombudsman of the Chelyabinsk Region

Chelyabinsk resident has been driven to suicide by collectors.

The Human-Rights Ombudsman for the Chelyabinsk region Margarita Pavlova is going to request the law enforcement agencies to initiate criminal case proceedings against the collectors of SuperDengi microfinance organization. The reason is the complaint made by Chelyabinsk resident Ravilya Ibragimova, whose daughter Farida had committed suicide after receiving threats from collectors.

According to the press service of the Human-Rights Ombudsman, in June 2014 Farida Ibragimova borrowed 5 thousand rubles from SuperDengi, committing herself to return 6.5 thousand rubles in two weeks. The contract stipulated 2% per day, or 732% per annum. However, the woman failed to pay the debt on time: July 11, 2014 she paid 1.5 thousand rubles to the money lenders; a month later she paid 5.5. thousand rubles more, and then 3 thousand rubles. However, she could not outpace the growing interest. Eventually, the collectors became involved in the situation, making phone calls to the debtor’s cellphone and her mother’s home number; in 2016, the collectors tracked down a social network account of Farida Ibragimova’s daughter and started sending her threatening messages.

As of today, SuperDengi demand to return more than 200 thousand rubles.

“Tell your mom hello! Tell Farida she is about to be skinned alive for 200 thousand rub. She’d better think through. She knows whom to contact,” this is the kind of messages the underage Elvira had to face many times. Later, the grandmother and her granddaughter were snooted at the entrance to their home; Farida received SMS messages specifying where they had gone. By the end of 2015, it came to shooting at their windows.

According to Ravilya Ibragimova, the family has appealed to the police and the Prosecutor's Office of the Leninsky district three times, submitting statements about threats. However, every single time the law enforcement officers have refused to initiate criminal proceedings, explaining that “there are sufficient data indicating the absence of crime evidence.”


Photo: Ravilya Ibragimova and her granddaughter Elvira

May 2015, after yet another conversation with a collection agency employee, Farida attempted suicide. After poisoning herself with 70-per cent acetic acid, the woman was hospitalized; the doctors fought for her life over a year, but in June 2016 she was gone. Shortly after her mother’s death, Elvira received another message from a certain user nicknamed Vasya Piston, which said “Hey, how are you? Who’s gonna pay 225 thous. RUB Farida owed us?.”

According to the leader of Stop! Kolletor project Vyacheslav Kurilin, the debt does not amount to 225 thousand rubles, but to 15 thousand. “According to our calculations, it turned out that the family debt to the microfinance organization is 15.9 thousand rubles,” the public figure’s quote according to the ombudsman’s press service. “The principal amount of the loan is 1,032 rubles, while 14.9 thousand rubles make up the interest.”


“The citizens require competent legal assistance,” said Margarita Pavlova. “In this case, lawyers will help the Ibragimov family to resolve the issue with the help of a judicial authority. In addition, an authorized person will send a request to the Prosecutor's Office for the Chelyabinsk region, requesting to inspect the refusals to institute criminal proceedings against the employees of SuperDengi microfinance organization.”



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