“My kids are all at home!” Father disowns daughter after rape in Ufa detective case 

“My kids are all at home!” Father disowns daughter after rape in Ufa detective case
Irek Sagitov and the daughter he disowned

An audiotape of a fight between Irek Sagitov, the Bashkir riot police chief, and the wife of Salavat Galiyev has been published.

The wife of Salavat Galiyev, the Karmaskaly Internal Affairs head who is under arrest for gang rape, managed to reach the alleged father of the victim, General Irek Sagitov, the Bashkir head of Rosgvardia. KP shared the tape.

Judging by the street sounds, the woman caught Irek Sagitov in the city. One can also assume that they know each other since he is known to have been friends with two of the three men accused of raping his daughter.
“Who f*cking touched your daughter, do you even believe that yourself? You know Salavat; what did you do to stop that mess (the prosecution. - Ed.)?! When you’re at home eating tangerines, and they are in jail; it’s been two months! Irek, stop that crap, you’ve known them for years! Do you really think Salavat was standing in line for your little cow, he ... wouldn’t even get hard!” Albina shouts.


Albina Galiyeva with her husband Salavatм

According to the woman, her husband only drank two glasses of vodka that night. To that Sagitov replies that he was not there and neither was she. The woman is still trying to hold him accountable because she believes he should have known what his daughter was doing.

 “Not mine... She’s not a daughter to me, my kids are all at home!” Sagitov says.

Albina disagrees:

 “You covered up for her when she was sleeping around at the bottom of the internal affairs, you went to Matveyev! Do you have no shame at all? Take it out of the darkest corner of your heart and use it for once!”

Sagitov is cursing. He has been staying out of the whole story and said in an October interview that he did not consider Gulnaz (name changed - Ed.) to be his daughter because she had been raised by her mother and he had nothing to do with her upbringing since he has another family. He only interfered once, when he helped her get a job after graduation from police school.

As The CrimeRussia wrote previously, a police lieutenant and investigator accused two chiefs of the local Internal Affairs and one migration department head of gang rape. According to the woman, they abused her and raped her all night. Currently, they are all involved in the criminal case and held in custody.



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