Muslim world stands up for soldier who shot 10 mates

Muslim world stands up for soldier who shot 10 mates
Ramil Shamsutdinov

Human rights activists are going to see Ramil Shamsutdinov in Chita.

Human rights activists representing the Islamic world are going to Chita to see Ramil Shamsutdinov, who is in custody, says a VKontakte post by someone named Petiaval-Chekhlomey Rinat-Abd-Ar-Rahman-Bhagavi.

“By the grace of Allah, a lawyer provided by our Muslim brother Ruslan of Moscow is on his way to Chita,” the user writes, adding that he will be joined by other well-known attorneys, Ravil Tugushev and Said-Magomed Chapanov.

Petiaval-Chekhlomey Rinat-Abd-Ar-Rahman-Bhagavi says human rights activists will meet with Shamsutdinov himself, his father and brother. The whole family is now in Chita.

Earlier, people of the Tyumen village of Vagay, where Shamsutdinov had been born, organized a fundraiser for a lawyer that would represent the soldier. The villagers believe that the man had been driven to commit the crime. A petition in support of Shamsutdinov has been published on the Web.

Ramil Shamsutdinov shot 10 people in a military unit outside Chita on October 25. Eight soldiers and officers died on the spot.



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