Musalaev, world kickboxing champion killed in Germany, had different names, was considered untouchable in Russia

Musalaev, world kickboxing champion killed in Germany, had different names, was considered untouchable in Russia
Musa Musalaev

An unknown person has shot dead the 37-year-old athlete near his home in Ludwigsfeld neighborhood in the town of Neu-Ulm.

The investigation of the murder of Musa Musalaev, a famous Russian kickboxer and sports functionary, is ongoing in Germany. The killing could be linked with criminal activities of the victim – this version is supported by the fact that Musalaev had changed names several times. There were attempts to institute criminal proceedings against him, but with no success.

The person killed in the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm under the name of Musa Musalaev was also known as Mikhail Grigoriev and Musalo Katimovich. “Such a large number of names normally indicates links with the criminal world,” – Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper wrote.

In 2010, the famous sportsman faced a risk of prosecution in a criminal case related to the beating of his apprentice Vladimir Zubkov. At that time, Musalaev – under the name of Grigoriev – worked as a Thai boxing trainer in a fight club of Vlasikha garrison town in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region.

In their attempts to bring Musalaev to justice, relatives of Zubkov had even sent a letter to then-President Dmitry Medvedev. Regnum news agency has published it.

According to the letter, the young man was beaten on November 10, 2010; it was a Police Day public holiday. Zubkov has come to Grigoriev for a training practice for the first time with his girlfriend Darya Kharlamova and her friend Anna Donskikh. The authors of the letter state that the trainer “has expressed a special interest” to the novice from the very beginning and ordered him to fight with his best apprentices. The gym where the sparring fights were conducted had neither a ring, nor soft mates.

“Some time later, the trainer himself came to the center of the gym and decided to show a master class to Vladimir. As a result, Vova was knocked to the floor and hit to the nose with elbow, to an eye with elbow, and to the parietal region with knee. Vladimir’s nose started bleeding, and he had to leave the gym and go to the washroom,” – the letter stated.

Vladimir went to the washroom. Grigoriev and 26-year-old Aleksey Okhotnikov have followed him. When Zubkov bent over the sink, the trainer has hit him to the back of the head from behind. Then Vladimir was knocked down with a punch to the face. After that, the kickboxing champion started strangling the laid young man with bend of his elbow.

Okhotnikov and Grigoriev were kicking the head of the victim with their feet. They were asking for his full name, where does he work, and what is doing for life.

Darya Kharlamova was concerned about the long absence of her boyfriend and came to the washroom where she has found Vladimir lying in the spill of blood. “If police comes here, it would be only worse for you, – Mikhail Grigoriev told her. – I am untouchable. They won’t do anything to me. I do good, purchase gloves, train the children…”

The same evening, Vladimir was hospitalized in the casualty department of the Odintsovo Central Hospital with brain contusion, broken jaw and nose, and multiple bruises on the face and body.

On the same day, the mother of the victim has come to the police station and reported the beating of her son. But the police declined to accept the complaint stating that Vladimir is at the full legal age and must submit the complaint himself. Ultimately, the complaint was reluctantly accepted only on the third day. The police officers were bullying the complainants psychologically.

Later the witnesses against the accused, Darya and Anna, were summoned to the police station. The police officers told the girls that it is useless to complaint on Grigoriev: “He has plenty of attitude, he knows everyone in Vlasikha, and you can’t do anything”.

According to the Zubkov family, Grigoriev used to batter people in the past as well – but always escaped punishment.

It is worthy to note that pretty soon, in 2011, Grigoriev was appointed an Ambassador to the Universiade in Kazan by an order of Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of Tatarstan. But according to, the kickboxing champion was mentioned in the documents under a new last name – Musalaev.

Earlier Musalaev was appointed a Counselor to Ravil Akhmetshin, the Envoy of the Republic of Tatarstan in the Russian Federation for Physical Culture and Sports. He had been holding this position until the emigration to Germany in 2013.

It was also reported that Musa Musalaev, under the nickname of Prince – or Prince of Tatarstan, – was the captain of the Tatarstan kickboxing team "Prince Team".

Murder in Germany

Musa Musalaev, 37 years old, was shot dead near the entrance to his home in Neu-Ulm around 18:00 on November 18, 2016. According to witnesses, the killer was hiding his face under a mask. He has fled the crime scene at 10 Breslauer Strasse in a car.

The police do not comment speculations that the victim could be linked with the ‘Russian mafia’. Considerable forces have been assigned to investigate the crime. The investigation team has been increased from 10 to 25 officers.

The murder of Musalaev is not the first assassination of a martial artist born in the USSR in Germany since the beginning of this year. In April 2016, Sergey N., the principal of a martial arts school, was shot dead near his home in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Baden-Württemberg. Similarly with Musalaev, he was a native of Kazakhstan.

A reward of €10 thousand had been offered for assistance in solving of this crime. The investigators do not rule out that the two murders of kickboxers are related to each other.

Tatarstan athletes shrugged off the colleague murdered in Germany

The sports functionaries of Tatarstan state unanimously that Musa Musalaev had no relation to the regional sports.

“I have seen the photo of the victim. I do not remember such an athlete in relation to Tatarstan – neither by the picture, nor by the last name Musalaev, – Andrei Makeichev, a famous boxer and kickboxer in the past and currently a trainer and referee, has stated. – I am also confused with regards to the Prince Team, which he allegedly had represented. Definitely, this team had never competed in our republic”.

Musalaev was the most questionable candidate for the Ambassador to the Universiade. “Musalaev was, in fact, unknown in the Republic; he had no direct relations with it – he was not born there, never lived there, never competed there,” – Business Online information agency stated.

Videos of Musalaev’s fights are available on the Internet. Normally, their duration does not exceed 5 to 30 seconds.

In 2012, the Prince has become a three-time world champion after winning tournaments in Lvov, Donetsk, and Leverkusen (Germany). In the same year, he has won the fourth championship title at the MMA Verdict FC Tournament in Moscow. A year before, Musalaev had become the world champion three times in Lublin and Vilnius; in Chișinău he has become the champion of Europe at the BUSHIDO FC Tournament.

In addition, in 2009 and 2010, Musalaev was declared the world champion in Hua Hin (Thailand) and Odintsovo.

Musalaev used to hold a prestigious King of Kings belt – but in 2012, he was deprived of it due to refusals to accept challenges from strong fighters.

The achievements of Musalaev were related not only to sports and politics. The kickboxer had been “seriously studying the history of the Middle Ages and literature; he was writing poems, tales, and lullabies for children”. According to his biography available on the Internet, he had two higher educations – humanitarian and economic.



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