Murmansk kids dressed in prison uniforms in ‘Career Town’

Murmansk kids dressed in prison uniforms in ‘Career Town’

Police dressed children as prisoners in a ‘Career Town’ at one of Murmansk shopping centers.

Murmansk social media are outraged by photos of children wearing police uniforms, which reached the federal media and angered many people.

Some said that it was the police who had dressed the children in prison clothes in a “Career Town” of one of Murmansk shopping centers.

 “The children and the parents were given the opportunity to ask questions about the jobs in internal affairs. The workshop proposed by the mall included making of identikits and solving cases in a detective quest. The teenagers took fingerprints from things and competed in physical fitness. The game organizers suggested that the children and their parents try on various costumes of people from different walks of life”, said the Ministry of Internal Affairs in a press release.

The negative reaction towards the law enforcement officers forced the Murmansk head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vitaly Zaikov, to schedule an official check.

 “Following the findings, the actions of the officials responsible for the event will be assessed, as will be the actions of those in charge for covering the event in the media,” said Valeria Filippova, the Murmansk head of the MIA press service, in a statement to Nord-News.

If found guilty, the police officers will be disciplined. So far, it has been established that the officers had not provided the costumes for the event.



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