Murmansk businessman suspected of organizing brutal attacks

Murmansk businessman suspected of organizing brutal attacks
The businessman is currently in custody

The businessman kidnapped his creditor whom he owed 400 million rubles ($6.4 million), investigators believe.

Famous owner of a Murmansk fishing business Yury Tuzov is under investigation for suspected attacks of his creditors, Nezavisimaya Gazeta reported.

Tuzov is suspected of organizing the kidnapping of his creditor Pavel Surin in Moscow, according to the publication. Surin had been trying to sue Tuzov for more than 400 million rubles for several years. It was not the first attack on Surin blamed on Tuzov.

The media began first writing about Tuzov due to a 400-million-ruble promissory note issued by one of his companies. OOO Logistics-Moskva claimed the money; Surin is its CEO.

Konstantin Konov, a lawyer of the company what loaned the money, was attacked when went to present important document to commercial court Murmansk in 2014. The documents were to prove documents presented by Tuzov contained false information.

The attackers shot at Konov from a traumatic pistol and stole the documents and the company’s stamp. The police found the attacker, organizers, and customers almost right away in Murmansk.

Investigator claimed one Ogurtsov, a criminal lord, was the organizer. Investigators believe Tuzov paid him a lot of money for the attack. Tuzov was even arrested for a while but released almost immediately without being charged.

The Koptevsky District Court of Moscow ruled the promissory note was void due to the stamp having been stolid. OOO Logistics-Moskva spent a year getting the decision canceled and filing another lawsuit for the money.

Surin was kidnapped from the OOO Logistics-Moskva office in June 2017. The kidnappers tortured him for two days, making him sign documents stating Tuzov’s company owed him no money. Surin suffered a basal skull fracture, an eye pit fracture, a jaw fracture, and a nose fracture. He signed all documents; the kidnappers left him in a field with a sack on his head.

Many Russian businesspeople discussed the kidnapping and torturing. The police investigated the incident, even showing enthusiasm at first. The fact that the documents the victim was forced to sign were sent to the Murmansk Region Commercial Court made it much easier. Investigators even later confiscated them for the investigation. Seven people were arrested during the investigation. One of them was a forgery professional.

The kidnapping organization was first blamed on a person who died during the investigation, then on a hired lawyer. It is worth mentioning that Tuzov’s attorney and the head of the department responsible for the investigation have the same last name. Meanwhile, Surin’s family receives anonymous threats. Surin is in hiding; he is afraid of new attacks.

What is happening may be a sign of an attempt to drive the investigation into the ground the way it was done with the investigation into the Murmansk attack on Konov, Nezavisimaya Gazeta suggested.



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