Murderer offers to make a baby to victim’s family to make up for the loss

Murderer offers to make a baby to victim’s family to make up for the loss
Mikhail Fedorovich faces a life sentence Photo: Social media

Mikhail Fedorovich was asked by journalists as to how he was going to make amends to Katorgina’s relatives.

Mikhail Fedorovich, the man accused of the murder of Yekaterinburg woman, Ksenia Katorgina, offered "making a baby" for the family of his victim, reports Ura.Ru. Earlier, the Leninsky District Court of Yekaterinburg had placed Fedorovich in custody, along with his partner Ekaterina Menshikova and taxi driver Marat Akhmetvaliev, who are going to stay in jail until December 11.

As Fedorovich was being escorted away after the court decision had been announced, reporters asked him how he was going to make up for Katorgina’s death to her family. “Money. Or I can make them a baby!” the man said in response.

The prosecutor told the reporters that the defendants partially admitted their guilt. They pleaded guilty to the robbery (Art. 162 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), but deny participation in the murder (Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) to avoid long or life imprisonment. All three of the accused asked to be released on bail. The defense lawyers of Fedorovich, Menshikova and Akhmetvaliev supported them, but the court dismissed the application.

Ksenia Katorgina disappeared on October 10 after she left for a meeting with the prospective buyer of her Audi Q5. The defendants met the woman in the city, got into her car, tried to strangle her, and then finished her off with a knife and dumped her body in a well.

Katorgina’s car was found as it was being resold in Chelyabinsk, and soon the suspects were detained. The detainees gave a confession, saying that the woman had been killed and her body was hidden near the sewer. Katorgina’s body was found on October 16.



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