Entrepreneur Agapjanov on MMA fighter's car killed by retired police Lieutenant Colonel 

Entrepreneur Agapjanov on MMA fighter's car killed by retired police Lieutenant Colonel
Photo: Dmitry Pogorelov

The ex-Interior Ministry employee from Podolsk allegedly decided to take out on the driver of Infiniti for the road conflict.

In Moscow, a man was detained, who killed 38-year-old Georgy Agapjanov with five shots at point-blank in the parking lot of a house on Novoslobodskaya Street on October 16. As senior assistant to the Head of the Investigative Committee Main Investigative Department in Moscow Yulia Ivanova reported, the suspect fully admitted his guilt. He was a Lieutenant Colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from Podolsk, retired.

The Moskva news agency provides new details about the motives of the crime. According to sources, the cause of the assassination was an ordinary conflict on the road. "They did not divide the road, and the officer decided to take revenge. By the way, he lives an asocial life, drinks a lot and could not find himself in life. And taken from a friend SUV, he sets up as his own," said the source.

Note that the car Infiniti, next to which Agapjanov was killed, does not belong to him; it belongs to 33-year-old MMA fighter from Chechnya Lecha Serbiev.

Earlier it was reported that the murdered person was an entrepreneur who could be killed for his debts. Later, a version that the killer did his bad, as Agapjanov worked as a driver, and the owner could be the killer’s target.

Recall, a video from the CCTV, which depicts how a man in a hood comes to the victim and shoots him several times at point-blank in the parking lot of a dwelling house, was posted on the Internet. From the received wounds George Agapjanov died on the spot.

On the fact of the murder, criminal cases were initiated under part 1 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder) and part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Illegal Acquisition, Transfer, Sale, Storage, Transportation or Carrying of Weapons, its main parts, ammunition).



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