Murder of Oplot leader Zhilin can be connected with Donbass coal

Murder of Oplot leader Zhilin can be connected with Donbass coal
The Oplot leader Zhilin

Zhilin's bodyguard said that at a meeting in the Veterok restaurant it was to discuss the business of selling coal from the Donbass.

Investigators received new information about the murder of the Ukrainian public organization Oplot leader Evgeny Zhilin, sources of the edition Kommersant reported. According to the testimony of his wounded bodyguard, the ex-police officer involved in the business of selling Donbass coal. The official representative of the ICR said that the version connected with the business is the priority one.

Sources of the Kommersant told the edition about the investigation. Officers searched the flat of the Oplot leader and his closest associates, and found there a few notes of hand, proving that lately Evgeny Zhilin lend large sums of money: for example, according to one of the receipts, Ukrainian oppositionist lent 400 thousand dollars to a certain woman.

In addition, law enforcement officers have carefully studied the restaurant surveillance camera's video, where there was a murder. Investigators determined that the car with an accomplice picked up the killer already on the Rublevskoe highway. Black SUV, which previously told the media belonged to visitors, which in fear for their lifes rushed to leave the scene of the crime. At present, the examination takes the billing of telephone conversations that led victims that day.

The important information to investigators told the colleague and the bodyguard of the Oplot leader Andrey Kozyrev (known in Ukraine as a Kozar). He said that on the meeting at Veterok it was discussed the sale of Donbass coal. At the same time, source of Kommersant did not explained, whether the victim called the name of the one, who was expected that day by Oplotovtsy. It is possible that their companion was the killer. All the witnesses indicate makeup, who wore an attacker: glasses, false mustache, wide-brimmed hat. The killer might fear that he could be recognized by entrepreneurs.

The interlocutor of Kommersant, who was familiar with Zhilin, said that after moving to the Russia the oppositionist has maintained close ties with his colleagues in Ukraine, taking part in the supply of gasoline and diesel fuel to the territory of the unrecognized DNR and LNR. According to the source, these supplies organized Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko, who is also engaged in the sale of coal from the mines of Donbass both in Ukraine and in Russia. The source added that these semi-legal schemes could be known the the familiar of Zhilin, a member of the Kharkov Antimaydan Konstantin Dolgov, but he refused to give any comments, saying only on his page on Facebook, that "any tangible assets are a minor thing for me".



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