Murder of Berezovsky’s companion in London is “politically motivated” for Russia

Murder of Berezovsky’s companion in London is “politically motivated” for Russia
Nikolai Glushkov

The Russian diplomatic mission intends to request detailed information on the progress of the investigation into the death of Nikolai Glushkov.

The mysterious death of Boris Berezovsky’s companion and former Aeroflot Deputy Director General Nikolai Glushkov “is not only criminally, but also politically motivated” for Russia. This is announced by the Embassy of Russia in London – the statement is posted on its official Facebook page.

In this connection, Russian Ambassador to Great Britain Aleksandr Yakovenko intends to meet with the head of the London police to find out more information about the murder investigation.

To recall, Glushkov’s body was found in his house in London on March 13. Initially, the police had called the death of the Russian “unexplained,” but later, the main lead was murder; the media reported that it was most likely that Glushkov had been strangled with a dog leash. March 16, the Russian Investigative Committee also initiated a criminal case under Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code (Murder) into the death of ex-Aeroflot deputy director general.

“For Russia, this case is not only criminally, but also politically motivated,” it is stressed in the diplomatic mission’s message.

The mission representatives also noted they have received only a verbal message on the murder of Glushkov from the British Foreign Ministry so far.

“The Embassy is grateful for the reply received, but the note contains no information, except for referring us to the police of London in case we have questions,” the press service noted.



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