Murder of Azerbaijani in Moscow turns out to be blood revenge

Murder of Azerbaijani in Moscow turns out to be blood revenge
The police are searching for other suspects

Three brothers shot the murderer of their father. One of them has already been detained.

The murder of an Azerbaijani citizen in southern Moscow, which was committed last year, turned out to be a blood vengeance of three brothers for the death of their father in Azerbaijan back in the early 2000s. This is reported by MK.

The publication recalls that the incident occurred on September 18, 2017, at about 20.00 on the Kharkovsky Proezd. Rakhman Aliyev, a native of the Azerbaijani city of Agjabadi, was killed. According to an eyewitness, an unknown person, who looked like a Caucasian, walked several meters away behind the man. After a pedestrian crossing, the passerby suddenly put on his pace and got ahead Rakhman. Turning to face him, the man gazed intently at Aliyev, took out a pistol and made one shot at the head.

As it turned out, in the 2000s, Aliyev lived in Azerbaijan and received a plot of land from the state. However, during the process of surveying, he had a conflict with his neighbor, farmer Jamal. Men could not resolve the contradictions peacefully and ended up fighting using knives, as a result of which Aliyev killed his opponent.

The Azerbaijani did his term and left for Russia, where he stayed with relatives in Moscow. The investigators contacted Jamal’s family and found out that he had two sons who, shortly before the murder, flew to Moscow together with their cousin.

One of the suspects was detained: he stayed with his family in Moscow. According to investigators, he drove his brothers to the place of murder in 2017. On June 15, the Chertanovsky Court arrested the detainee for complicity in the murder. Two of his brothers are wanted by the police. Presumably, both are hiding in their homeland.



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