Murad Amriev’s parents: our son faces deadly danger in Chechnya 

Murad Amriev’s parents: our son faces deadly danger in Chechnya
Murad Amriev

The Belarus authorities are going to convoy the athlete back to the Bryansk policemen.

The fate of MMA world champion Murad Amriev, who was detained last night in Belarus, may again be in the hands of the Bryansk policemen. At least, it is to them that he will get after the forced expulsion from the neighboring country. According to the official representative of the MIA Directorate of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee Yuri Pilkevich, the necessary documents are being prepared and, already tonight or tomorrow morning, Amriev will be handed over to police officers of the Bryansk Region at the state border.

It is to be recalled that on June 6 Amriev was released from the temporary detention facility in Bryansk, where he was delivered after he was removed from a Kiev-Moscow train. At the request of the MIA of Chechnya, he has been put on the federal wanted list.

They have been searching for him since 2013, when he fled the republic after torture in the police station of Grozny. The Chechen law enforcement officers tried to put pressure on his elder brother Zurab in order to make him return to the republic from Germany, where he is now. The fact is that the police chief of the capital of Chechnya Magomed Dashaev suspects Zurab Amriev in having been the mastermind of an attempted murder of Dashaev himself. However, not being able to get to the elder Amriev, the security forces declared blood feud against him, according to Murad.

At the moment, he needs to extend his visa, for which he arrived in Russia. After the detention in the Bryansk Region, the Chechen operatives arrived there to convoy him to the Republic, but could not produce the necessary papers. In the meantime, Amriev's 48-hour detention period had expired and he was released, but he had to flee from the Chechen security forces.

Zurab Amriev spoke on Dozhd TV channel about the collective responsibility in Chechnya, if one of the relatives is connected "with resistance". Murad's parents made a video message asking to prevent their son from moving to the Chechen Republic, where he faces deadly danger, according to them. They also said that Murad Amriev had previously been abducted and tortured, although he was not guilty of anything, since they wanted to punish him on the basis of their own accusations.

Video: Address of Murad Amriev's parents

We should add that the formal reason for placing Amriev on the wanted list was the misprinted date of his birth. The search was canceled in 2013, but resumed after 4 years.



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