Moscow intelligence to join 'death' groups

Moscow intelligence to join 'death' groups
The profile department has been created in the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department, which employees will join the 'death' groups and expose their organizers Photo: RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

A new subdivision appeared in the MUR, it intends to combat with public pages in social networks, which stirring up suicide, and their organizers.⁠

The Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (MUR) organized a new unit, which is designed to fight 'death' groups in social networks, which stirring up suicide. The unit was created on the basis of the 4th Department of the 1 Operational Investigative Unit, which is combating sexual violence, corrupters and perverts.

The source of Life says that it is just an experimental group of operatives consisting of five people. The police will find, expose and detain the organizers of the 'groups of death'. It is assumed that this department will begin to work in full force after the appointment of the new MUR Head.

It should be noted that Murmansk operatives have been working with public pages in social networks that promote the aesthetics of death. Law enforcers join it under the guise of children and adolescents, estimate the number of potential victims, establish schools where they study, and then go there for preventive conversations.

'Groups of Death (the most famous of them - Blue Whale, f57, Quiet House) are hundreds of communities in social networks that stir up their participants to suicide. The members of the group received various assignments from administrators, whose true motives were forbidden to speak to others - basically "checking for courage", something like the quest, which ended with the suicide. The whole story was shrouded in a halo of secrecy, framed with pictures of the sea and whales, evidently making play with both hands until now not explained by scientists propensity of marine mammals to throw ashore. At the request of Roskomnadzor, these groups are closed, but new public pages are growing with a geometric progression.

Recall, a few months ago St. Petersburg operatives detained one of the creators of such a 'death' group Filip Budeikin, nicknamed Lis (Fox). The man is charged with inciting teenagers to commit suicide (part 4 of Article 33, Article 110 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The suspect is placed into custody.⁠



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